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A guide to test the newly added Out-Of-Process-Plugins in the Mozilla Nightly builds.


Week of May 21st: Stable


  1. Download the latest Trunk build from
    • Note: Must be Linux or Windows 32-bit builds
  2. After installing the build, verify the following preference value is enabled in about:config dom.ipc.plugins.enabled = true
  3. Have at least one of the recommended plugins installed (Flash, Java, Quicktime, and Silverlight)
    • Note: because Flash 10.1 beta eats crash reports, we want to focus testing on 10.0.
  4. Run your Process monitor of choice. (eg. Task Manager, Process Explorer for Windows, Pioneer Explorer, top command on Linux)

Testing OOPP

  1. Install a few plugins:
  2. Test a few popular plugin sites:
  3. Look out for:
    • Crashes
    • Hangs
    • incorrect display/audio/interaction
    • especially on Windows, any feature which may pop up dialog boxes or system prompts (known cause of hangs), or use the window system in unusual ways (full-screen)
    • especially interested in crashes which don't trigger the Mozilla crash reporter, especially when they are reproducible.

Plugin Crashed UI

  • Verify the Plugin Crashed UI images displayed after crashing, and submitting a report.


OOPP Bugs!

  1. Check the known OOPP bug list first!
  2. If not, open one in bugzilla!. Apply the following (this is done automatically if you use the link back there):
    • select Core::Plugins component
    • Add [OOPP] in the title
    • Add [OOPPTestday] in the Whiteboard
    • Add 478976 to the Blocks: field so it gets picked up in the dependency list.


Manually Killing the Runtime Process/Report Submission

If you manually kill the mozilla-runtime process, there is no crash, so it's expected that it says "No report available".

All Flash instances live in a single process. If a particular page causes flash to crash, all the tabs with Flash in them will show the plugin-crash UI. After you submit the report, the other tabs shouldn't have a "please submit report" link any more (because you already submitted it in the first tab).

Related Bugs to OOPP

Updated on Mar 15th, 2010

Mac OS Versions not supported