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Privacy Lab Organizer Quick Reference Checklist

If you've volunteered to organize Privacy Lab this month, this is your quick reference checklist. The Privacy Lab Process wiki may also be helpful, though it hasn't been updated in a while. (

Getting Started - Ideally at Least 30 Days in Advance

  • Decide on a topic/theme. (Check here first.) Take a look at our archives to see what we've covered in the past.
  • Recruit a speaker or multiple speakers for lightning talks or panels
  • Recruit a venue to host the event
  • Choose a date during the last week of the month (typically 6-8pm that night, M-Th)
  • Consider emailing other local privacy event organizers to avoid date conflicts (ex: TA3M, EFF, WISP, IAPP, Truste, Startup Policy Lab)
  • Confirm the date with speakers and venue
  • Send a calendar invitation to the speakers and venue host (ask speakers to arrive 30 min early for sound checks)
  • Create an Eventbrite page that includes the Privacy Lab logo and code of conduct
  • Update the Privacy Lab wiki
  • Send invitation email template with Eventbrite link to privacy-events at mozilla dot org mailing list

Adding video livestream and/or recording

  • Determine whether the venue has its own video equipment (we don't have our own equipment)
  • Update the wiki and Eventbrite pages with the livestream and recording links the host venue provides

Additional Publicity

One week to a few days prior to the event

  • Send reminder email to speakers and venues
  • Send reminder email to distribution list
  • Create any needed signage (as applicable)
  • Send attendee list to venue host (if applicable)
  • Send any applicable slides to venue host (ex: Privacy Lab background slide, speaker slides)

Day of Event

  • Print Privacy Lab signs as needed (logo) and post them around the venue to help direct people to the room.
  • Arrive early for sound checks
  • Master of Ceremonies: Announcements (ex: next meeting, call for venues, topics, volunteers and speakers) and Introductions
  • Timekeeping
  • Moderate Q&A and possibly small group discussions during the second hour
  • Notes (optional)
  • Help move people out of the building at the end of the event.
  • Remove any Privacy Lab signs you posted for the event.

After the Event

  • Send thank you email to speakers and host
  • Update the wiki to move the event to the archives section (with livestream links)
  • Optional - create a blog post
  • The person who will organize the following month will then take over and start from the top of the list.