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Privacy Lab Guest Host Script

Each month, Privacy Lab needs someone to get things started at the event - to welcome everyone, make announcements and welcome the speakers. Usually, that's the volunteers who organized Privacy Lab that month, but occasionally, they might not be able to attend or we may have a volunteer master of ceremonies for the evening. If that's you, there are the things we usually cover....

  • Introduce yourself (ex: Hi everyone, I'm [insert your name] with [insert your employer] and I'd like to welcome you to Privacy Lab tonight.
  • Explain why you are there: (ex: Stacy and Kai are unavailable tonight, so they've asked me to guest host. I'm excited to be here. I helped select the speakers for tonight and I'll introduce them to you once I've covered a couple quick points about Privacy Lab).
  • Quick Poll and Overview: Is anyone here attending for the first time? (Wait for show of hands).
  • Welcome! Privacy Lab is a meetup for people who are interested in digital privacy. The goal is to bring together privacy professionals and privacy community members at non-profits, for-profits, and NGOs alike to foster communication and collaboration.
  • Format: Our general format is to spend the first hour or so hearing from our speakers and asking them questions, and then we open it up for informal networking and small group discussions to give people a chance to talk to each other.
  • Thank you to [insert name of venue host] for hosting us tonight (and providing light refreshments and/or livestream/recording for remote viewers - if applicable).
  • Coming attractions: Next month's Privacy Lab will be on the topic of [insert next topic]. It will be on [insert date], [insert time] at [insert venue name and city]. Briefly describe speakers and topic.
  • Call for volunteers: We're always looking for new locations, speakers and topic ideas, so if you have ideas please let us know.
  • Join our mailing list to get notified about upcoming events.
  • Privacy Lab has a code of conduct. Please be respectful to each other and let us know if there are any concerns.