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Bite Size Volunteer Roles

Want to help but worried you don't have much time? Each month, we have several "bite size" activities that you can do once to help us out - or continue to do if you want to get more involved.

Help us reach new people by strategically forwarding the invitation

Time commitment: 1-2 hours

Activity: Brainstorm who else might be interested in the event and forward them the invitation.

We often have a theme that may appeal beyond our distribution list. For example, for our Student Privacy theme for July a volunteer could help by forwarding the invitation to these and others.

  • Schools: teachers, administrators, legal teams for schools, law and CS professors. Local universities - Hastings, Cal, Santa Clara, Golden Gate, USF, Stanford, and more.
  • Education software companies, like Blackboard or Leapfrog
  • Meetups, like the SF EdTech meetup group, and others like it.

Help us post to relevant calendars

Time commitment: 20 minutes per month for the existing calendars; more if researching what other calendars are out there.

Activity: Copy/paste info from the invitation to the following privacy calendars. Add to this list if you are aware of others.