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  • Geolocation:
    • [MISSED] Define clear roadmap and B2G QA story.
    • [DEFER] Geofencing WebAPI: work with QC to write API proposal for W3C standardization.
  • [DONE] e10s: Focus on add-on compatibility with organized testing and reaching out to add-on developers.
  • [DONE] Shumway: define milestones and drive to enable Shumway (in Nightly) by end of Q3.
  • RR2P:
    • [DONE] Test drive Trello for Geolocation and report experience: mozilla-geolocation board
    • [DROPPED] Maybe interview engineering managers about their planning/project tools and write a report.
  • Browser Benchmark Automation:
    • [DONE] Work with A-Team to build and deploy automation and reporting servers.
    • [DONE] Identify Gecko teams interested in adding new benchmarks.


  • Continue to manage risk around delivering Find My Device for 2.0
  • Manage backlog for 2.1
  • Create new schedule for games delivery; manage convergence around in app payments and any graphics fixes
  • Q3 goals for games


  • Pilot a group of tools to view the backlog for the Desktop and assess what might work - Kanbanize, Trello, ScrumWorks...
  • First stab at trying to visualize the Desktop roadmap similar to way we present the Android one. Working closely with Engineering and Product to tags but and create features buckets.
  • New template and status report for Desktop progress.


Goals listed under release management Q3 goals


  • Implement and evaluate V1 Desktop iteration process changes initiated on Iteration 34.2 (Tuesday August 5):
    • [DONE] Point estimation will be conducted asynchronously with the whole team.
    • [DONE] Establish a point cap where the whole team will select bugs up to the median value of the velocity range at the planning meeting.
    • [DONE] Each planning group will have its own point cap based on their own production capability.
    • [DONE] 'Review+' bug status will now be considered work in progress and count towards the point cap during the planning meeting.
  • Aim to achieve the following performance gains based on the above mentioned process changes at the conclusion of Iteration 35.2 (Monday September 29):
    • [DONE] Reduce the average percentage of points selected by 25%.
      • Achieved: average percentage point selection decreased by 28%.
    • [DONE] Increase the average percentage of completed work to 75%.
      • Achieved: average percentage complete increased from 56% to 76%.
    • [DONE] Reduce the average percentage of carry over work to 25%.
      • Achieved: average percentage carry over decreased from 44% to 24%.


  • Fill open Program Manager req (moved to FirefoxOS)
  • Create a set of dashboards for Bob to help track Platform work and bottlenecks (In progress)
    • Figure out what we want to measure.
    • Work with Kyle to get something up and runninng.
  • Launch regular meet-ups and produce a set of short-term goals for the "Roadblocks to Productivity" initiative for standardization.
  • Work with Program Managers to explore a common way to view a teams backlog and priorities across all products; FFOS, Desktop, Android, Platform ie: pilot Trello to see if it will serve this purpose (in progress)


  • webRTC experimenting with 2 week sprints
  • Visibility:
    • Mark-up for new SCRUM tools and increase adoption
    • wiki useful and up to date, summaries.
    • weekly status reports to all stakeholders across teams (with Joanne, Helen for biz)
    • Learn scrum dashboard tools:
  • high pro-active collaboration with Desktop and Server in their rhythms
  • Metrics: coordinate gathering across 5 teams and exposing
  • documentation: