Program Management/Programs/Silent Update/2011-11-24

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Only the Releng section of this meeting was discussed. The rest of the updates were communicated offline.


Removal of OS security dialog for Windows

Owner: Brian

  • mar program and libmar MAR file sign/verification complete, ready for review
  • mar program has some build configs that need to be tweaked in a separate patch due to problems with cross compilation.
  • verifying MARs with embedded certs inside updater.exe complete, ready for review
  • Rob Strong got Brian reviews for bug 481815 (maintenance service) late last night (EST), Brian is working on them today.
  • Brian was concerned about not everything being tested so made a spreadsheet of all tests that need to be run at a minimum.
  • Ehsan and Brian working on automated tests
QA (Simona Badau)

Add-ons Default to Compatible

Owner: Blair (client), Wil (AMO)

  • 3 client bugs required to complete this feature in Firefox 10
    • bug 695977 Addons shouldn't be compatible by default when their minVersion is greater than the app version
    • bug 700201 Addons that haven't been updated for an extremely long time should not be compatible by default
      • Landed on Aurora (10)
    • bug 698653 Flip extensions.strictCompatibility pref in Firefox to make addons compatible-by-default
      • Fixed on Nightly
      • Need to discuss landing this on Aurora (10)
  • 2 AMO bugs required to complete this feature in Firefox 10
    • bug 698355 Add compatMode parameter to VersionCheck.php to allow updating to non-compatible addon versions
      • Fixed in 6.3.2 (Nov. 18)
    • bug 698358 Add support for new strictCompatibility option in install.rdf
      • Fixed in 6.3.2 (Nov. 18)
QA (Virgil Dicu)
  • Test Plan:
  • Completed:
  • What's Next
    • continue verifying remaining fixed bugs
    • continue adding test cases in Litmus
    • to run following scenarios:
      • testing behavior with larger profiles (over 30 add-ons installed)
      • verify add-on listing when upgrading through more than 2 Firefox versions with the feature enabled.
      • mostly done with recent builds-to try more with Firefox <7.0.1
  • Questions/Issues

Background updates

Owner: Ehsan

  • Ready for review
QA (Vlad Ghetiu)
  • Did not receive an update from Vlad this week -- mostly due to 8.0.1/9.0b3 testing
  • ashughes to make sure status is reported next week

Updated workflow for updating users with incompatible add-ons

Owner: Rob, Chris

QA (Ioana Budnar)
  • Did not receive an update from Ioana this week -- mostly due to 8.0.1/9.0b3 testing
  • ashughes to make sure status is reported next week

Getting the word out

Releng work

  • Cutoff to complete work is likely Dec 6 due to Nightly testing requirements (1 week min), time to merge, and time to assess solution by release drivers
    • Currently on track for this date
  • Brian still needs reviews from Rob and Ian, likely early next week for client side
  • Releng tasks
    • binaries signed automatically
    • MAR file signing
    • Configuration of test machines for Windows service testing
    • Helper application - shouldn't be needed at all, Ehsan has a workaround and will confirm by Fri. Nov. 25 mid day
  • Chris, Ben and Rail working on signing client and server and integration with build system
  • Ben working on test machines
  1. Has any testing been done with invalid certificates?
    Brian: I haven't started yet.
    Chris: Releng would like to turn testing of invalid certificates on for one of Brian's branches.
    Brian: You can use the elm branch.
  2. How can we build and run the tests locally?
    Brian: We can update the service to generate the keys. May need a special build option (mozconfig) to auto insert registry info from service (for try builds for ex)