Program Management/Weekly-Status-Reports/2012-06-04

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Meeting Topics

  • Meet Mike
  • Q2 goals
  • Performance reviews
  • Vacations/summer schedule


  • Weekly status:
  • Still a big hole in visualization of progress
  • Better systems for meetings, triage, progress updates
  • Still no good system for syncing with TF eng/UX


  • Big win for Fennec Native ship date:
  • Continued risk management, status, and x-functional facilitation
  • Met with Karen: provided lot's of background info for her, discussed roles and responsibilities, product goals, etc.
  • Met with Lawrence regarding web compat and getting mobile's ducks in a row
  • Interviewed apps pm
  • Finalized agenda for mobile work week in August
  • See Last Week's for more details


  • k9o
    • Continuing on triage. Focus is on basecamp but not everyone is involved.
    • Working to schedule Kilimanjaro education sessions led by product managers.
  • Mobile Web compat
    • Gave lightning talk during this week's project meeting
    • Working on arewecompatibleyet report to track progress of individual site investigation and evangelism. Initial focus on Brazilian top sites.
  • Snappy
    • Making progress on a number of sub-projects now. Better involvement from some teams. Others have dropped off. Seems like par for this course.
  • Telemetry
    • Working on prioritized work list for metrics team.
    • Need to change structure of interaction to draft requirements and get sign-offs.
    • Current focus is on validation and verification of data.
  • Silent update
    • Background updates currently preffed off on Aurora for Windows.
    • Tracking remaining work to reenable this feature for Fx15.
  • mediawiki-bugzilla
    • Have WebDev engaged this week. Working to get a number of bug fixes and enhancements deployed.
  • Interviewed another Apps PM candidate.


  • Games
    • Partner Ports
      • Followed up with partner to get next steps started
      • Postmortem on partner work week
      • Private repo setup for code sharing with partner
      • Meet with stakeholders to demo results
      • Setup meeting with Dev Tools to review experiences with FF dev tools and large code bases
    • BananaBread
      • Secured contractor for level design, started this week (thanks Sheila for driving while I was away)
      • Planed out first level and work has started
      • First AI now working in port!
    • k9o
      • Watching status on iGC progress as pref on is a risk but necessary for 2D games viability
      • Started work to gather all FF15 pref status for new features
      • Reviewed progress on audio standardization conversation
      • Giving feedback on requirements to requestAnimationFrame
      • Organized new weekly games triage meeting starting this Wednesday at 1pm.
  • Bugzilla Anthropology
    • Worked with Mark Reid on schema changes
    • Discussed current delays with stakeholders
    • Work with Release Engineering to determine charting needs
    • Meet with community engagement to discuss how metrics can help on boarding process
      • Requested to give presentation on the first 15 mins of games and why they are so important
    • Cleared University of Waterloo request for access to ES database with security
    • Drafted blog post, at long, long, last on current status
  • Other
    • Interviewed Candidate for Apps PM role



  • Stability work week
    • Closing on schedule and logistics for next week's activities
    • Robert Kaiser in town this week - going over some stability related stuff
  • Social API
    • Organizing engineering discussion to break up work into landable chunks
  • Triage
    • Working with Damon and others to sort out right set of triage/requirements discussions
  • Lots of interviewing
    • Apps PM
    • Marketing PM