Program Management/Weekly-Status-Reports/2012-07-31

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  • Platform product team structure update (lmandel)
    • Dave Mason - working on having a number of product managers for different verticals
    • Individuals focused on specific areas
  • PMs jobs running work weeks (dietrich)
    • Traditionally this has been more engineering driven/architectural leads
    • Erin: Mobile, some planning, estimates. PMs not getting in their way - plenty of time together and time to hack.
  • Q3 goals (sheila)
  • Status/problems


  • Gaia requirements analysis
  • status reporting changes from individual developers
  • B2G track in mozcamp EU


Fx for Android



  • PTO


  • Last Week ending July 28th
    • Content for all sections, except service, in the Weekly B2G Status Report delivered Friday
    • Daily B2G Status Reports updated every 1-2 days
    • Great Gaia demos Thursday night
    • Phone order (100 Otoro devices) delayed again
    • Several meetings on release flow review
  • This Week ending August 3rd
    • Consolidate Jay's report with the Weekly B2G status report
    • Apps work week sessions
    • Follow up on 3rd party developer support, e.g., support for Desktop and phones
    • Gaia, B2G triage and other meetings


  • Social API
    • Final pieces landing for Fx16
    • Working on patches to uplift to Aurora
    • Working with Asa to plan out any work that we will try and get in for Fx17
  • Administrative
    • Hiring
    • Reviews
    • Approvals/invoices
  • Some follow-up work from offsite last week