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Part of the Pilot Fish project.

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These are light-weight case studies are primarily meant to be both illustrative (in that they help people quickly gain a high-level understanding of a given educational program) and exploratory (in that they will help us explore the issue in more depth before doing more research.)

We want to:

  • gather some metrics on electronic frontier education projects
  • understand what a range of electronic frontier education projects look like
  • identify key factors that contribute to the success or failure of electronic frontier education projects

In the early stages, well be looking across the web for visible projects to study.

We'll be looking at the documents that the project generated, studying interactions on mailing lists and examining the work that the project did. When possible, we'll engage with participants to get more personal views on the project.

Initially, we want to gather:

  • project metrics (much like the Pilot Fish Catalog project)
  • what the project hoped to accomplish
  • what the project accomplished (and didn't)
  • what processes and methods the project used
  • a list of things that we learned or discovered from studying the project

We're most interested in:

  • process and method
  • outcomes - perceived and measurable
  • what roles did the various participants have?
  • patterns
    • best practices
    • challenges
    • critical success factor
  • unexpected patterns, factors, etc.

Case Studies

Seneca College

A Model for Sustainable Student Involvement in Open Source

A paper by Chris Tyler that provides a good overview of Seneca College's experience with their Free and Open Source Software education initiative

Potential Case Studies

Centers for Internet and Society

Summer Programs



The following URLs either have case studies or may provide info useful for case studies.