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Festival2011/APIs101 +None. Just interest in data journalism and info viz  +
Festival2011/Apps for Good +{{{skills}}}  +
Festival2011/Architect the Low-Res Newsroom +Reporting, curiosity  +
Festival2011/Architect the SMS Newsroom +Reporting, curiosity  +
Festival2011/Badges: What's an OBI and How Do I Use It? +{{{skills}}}  +
Festival2011/Behind the Scenes: Al Jazeera Live Blogs +{{{skills}}}  +
Festival2011/Browser ID +{{{skills}}}  +
Festival2011/Craft Peer Learning Challenges +{{{skills}}}  +
Festival2011/Customizing 3D Models +{{{skills}}}  +
Festival2011/DJ Mini Challenges +{{{skills}}}  +
Festival2011/Data Journalism Handbook +We're looking for people with the following skill sets: * data journalists * data visualization * designers * infographic designers * interactive news editors * news app developers * news hackers * open data experts * developers, keen to write tutorials  +
Festival2011/Designing a "School of Open" +{{{skills}}}  +
Festival2011/Email is Broken +{{{skills}}}  +
Festival2011/Flow Media: Real-Time Reporting +UI/UX, Information Architects, Livebloggers, Data Wranglers, Designers, Social Media Theorists, dataviz, front-end developers  +
Festival2011/Game Dynamics around Community Journalism +{{{skills}}}  +
Festival2011/Game On Arcade +{{{skills}}}  +
Festival2011/Games that Rock Your Browser +javascript programming; art; music & sound editing; 2d or 3d computer graphics skills; level design and game design.  +
Festival2011/HTML Basics for Journalists +{{{skills}}}  +
Festival2011/HTML5 and Other New Technology Explained for Humans +{{{skills}}}  +
Festival2011/Hack the DJ +{{{skills}}}  +
Festival2011/Hackasaurus Game Prototyping +teaching, html, css, front-end dev, back-end dev, illustration,  +
Festival2011/Hackasaurus: Teaching the World to Hack +{{{skills}}}  +
Festival2011/Hacker Journalism +{{{skills}}}  +
Festival2011/Hive London +{{{skills}}}  +
Festival2011/Hive London: Youth Zone +{{{skills}}}  +