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Dial in

 # 650-903-0800 or 650-215-1282 x92 Conf# 315 (US/INTL)
 # 1-800-707-2533 (pin 369) Conf# 315 (US)
 # #mozmill for backchannel


  • Cameron, Anthony, Aaron, Henrik, Dave, Stephen, Al, Geo, Matt, Marlena, DavidC, DavidB

Last week's action Items

  • Geo: Deliver summary for API refactoring and test porting project by latest end of this week
    • [MISSED] Still owe this. Will send to Henrik for review first, then forward to team.
  • Anthony: Deliver summary for Discover Pane project by latest end of this week
  • [DONE] Henrik: Work with Softvision to ensure that DiscoPane tests will be checked in latest by Friday
  • All: Reply to the discussion email about auto-skipping DiscoPane tests
  • Matt: update QA overall goals
  • [DONE] Henrik/David: Finalize Q3 goals and get team feedback
  • [DONE] Henrik/David: Work out preliminary wiki pages for QA Automation Services team (incl. meeting page)
  • Henrik/David: Come up with the first draft of the team structure and tasks


  • Work Week
    • Have all flight details been set? [Henrik]
  • Definition of project leads (1st and 2nd) [Henrik]
    • Automated Testing for WebApps: Henrik / DavidC
    • Team Presence (Documentation): DavidB / ?
    • Infrastructure Investigation: ? / ?
    • Cross-Framework Test Creation: ? / ?
    • Selenium Grid 2: ? / DavidB
    • Endurance Tests: Dave / Anthony

Goals Overview 11/Q3

Issues / Blockers

Automated Testing for WebApps

  • Initial meeting with WebApp developers happened yesterday. Discussed roadmap of webapps and possible testing scenarios.
  • ShaneT will come up with some functional use cases by end of this week
  • It will become a challenging project!

Team Presence (Documentation)

Infrastructure Investigation

Cross-Framework Test Creation

  • Will be dropped from the Q3 goals
  • First idea is to be active on that project during an automation testday to show collaborated efforts across frameworks.

Selenium Grid 2

  • We have upgraded to Selenium 2.0.0 but discovered a bug with session handling. We can't replicate it locally, but are working with François Renaud (main contributor for Selenium Grid) and hope to have a fix soon.

Endurance Tests

  • Micro-iterations have landed -- This allows tests to accumulate within an iteration. For example, the open new tabs tests can now open several tabs within an iteration instead of just one.
  • Working on a single ad-hoc test based on Mem Buster to give an indication of Firefox performance. bug 669613
  • First community created endurance test is in review and should land tonight! bug 670721

Project Updates

Please mark topics which need to be discussed in the meeting as bold


  • Shadow test server
    • Waiting for IP addresses from rackspace that IT requested.
  • Cloud Automation
    • No updates right now.
  • Others
    • Talking to Zandr in IT about rackable server buildout to replace Mac Pros for day to day automation support.
      • Will be sending proposal/question e-mail to QA Automation team for comments.
    • What's the place on the wiki for infrastructure projects documentation?

Case Conductor (TCM)

  • Environment Management UI was demo'd. Currently being implemented (slated for this week)
  • hoping to get batch test case entry UI working. Given... When... format at first
  • devs go on vacation for 1 month starting this weekend. In the interim, QA will be working on,
    • User feedback, surveymonkey
    • Automation connector
    • Limus migration tool




  • Cross-weave / Funkload automated nightly testing
    • Creating a CRON job that runs smoke tests against the latest builds of the sync server
    • Basic reporting to an HTTP site for members of the sync team
  • E.g. JMeter

Personal Status

For the personal status please check the weekly status updates:

Meeting Notes

  • Last weeks Action Items
    • geo and anthony last weeks items are follow up to missed q2 goals
      • AI: put text in Q2 goals
  • Roundtable
    • Workweek
      • need to add travel info into the sync pad:
        • coordinate travel arrangements
        • cottage is booked through till the 30th
      • AI: Need to add leads and seconds to list in agenda notes (everyone)
    • cross framework test creation
      • this isn't a team goal, but a good personal one
      • AI: include combined frameworks test creation into a automation testday (?)
  • open web apps discussion
    • need to define this as a major project focus group
    • AI: need to setup a project meeting for open web apps (matt)
      • Henrik, David C, Marlena & Geo preliminarily assigned as the webapps team
      • POC (Mozmill)
      • #openwebapps IRC channel
      • Webapps Engineering meeting occurs on Tues @ 10a
        • AI: David Clarke to attend next Webapps meeting (David C)
  • QA Automation Services Goals
    • AI: remove the cross framework test development goal as a toplevel team goals (Henrik S)
    • AI: everyone to review goals (everyone)
  • Wiki Pages
    • will there be redirects for old pages?
    • QA infrastructure
      • AI: make this it's own sub-tree in the wiki pages (Al)
  • Mozmill broken tests
    • do we have a list of failures?
    • broken tests can be found in dashboard
    • what about skipped tests?
    • whiteboard entry in bugs assigned for broken tests
    • henrik to add query to meeting notes
    • AI: Geo to take point for gathering data and plan for delegation (Geo)

Action items

  • see bold lines above