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Name: Market Place
Leads: Henrik Skupin, David Clarke
Contributors: TBD.
QA Tracking Page:

Automation Strategies

Beside the manual testing efforts, automation will play a big role in qualifying the market place for add-ons and open web applications, which will be two independent web sites. Our team will support developers and QA in the test creation process and offer help in setting up the environments for automated tests. If necessary we will also work on the implementation of new APIs.

What's the Situation

The marketplace for add-ons and open web applications is a new product which will be merged into the existing code base. While add-ons will still be handled on, webapps get a new home on another domain. This new website will code-wise be completely identical with AMO and only differs in its configuration and data. Given that, we expect that most of our existing tests for AMO will still pass or only need minor updates to get them working for the OWA marketstore.

The plan for test automation for upcoming features in both the add-ons and OWA marketplaces will be handled on the QA tracking page for open web apps.

Areas of Work

Our team will put focus on support for test case automation, environment setups, and necessary API requests.


Testing the Market Place for Add-ons and Apps will require Selenium only. There is no need for another framework. Client-side tests will be handled by tests for the OWA extension.

API Requests

If the implementation of Selenium tests for the Market Place reveals that additions to the current APIs are necessary, the team around the test creation process will get in contact with us.

The following requests have been made yet:

  • n/a


Local Setup

To run the existent Selenium test for AMO follow the steps as given on the Addon-Tests repository.

Staging Server

New features for the Market Place will be directly available on once a check-in happens for the Zamboni repository. That means there are no actionable items to do for us. For more information see the OWA QA page.