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Component OWA Extension & Apps
Leads David Clarke, Henrik Skupin
Contributors TBD
QA Page OWA Extension/Apps QA Page


Automation will be very important in testing the OWA extension/apps and to ensure the constant stability of the product.


The approach for automation will be to automate the manual test cases and to ensure that the basic tests are run for each required iteration.


The framework that is going to be used for automating the OWA extension and apps is going to be MozMill.


The automation has not been fully started yet as there are still some missing pieces that need to be addressed. For example, there is currently not much for QA to test, no page that simulates something similar to wha the final product will look like and no apps for testing besides the demo apps.

For the time being, a skeleton framework is being investigated that will make it easier to start automating once everything is in place. Furthermore, a proof of concept automation test has been written and will be blogged about by Henrik Skupin.