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Discussion Items

Project Roadmaps
  1. Fennec
    • 1.1 targeted to ship in May
    • Android to ship alpha in mid june (this may be part of 2.0?)
    • 2.0 targeted to ship in mid july?
  2. Weave
    • targeting full-integration with Fennec 2.0 and Firefox 4.0
    • 1.3 targeted to ship May 17th
    • New hardware, database, colo in Az
    • Full integrated unit test suite
  3. Jetpack
  4. Test Pilot
    • 1.0 final targeted by early june
    • mobile feedback is pushing for test Pilot in fennec
Video promotional planning
  • First round: plan for a promotional video for Weave and Fennec
  • Update: Q2 is focused on getting a qmo introductory video first.
Future projects to support
  • drumbeat?
    • education environment, unsure if there's an application or extension portion of it.
  • raindrop?
    • thunderbird extension, any relation to mozilla lab projects?
  • discussion find a way to attract the mozilla community to assist with cool new lab projects
BT Community
  • Testdays, bugdays, meetups ideas? (planning a weave one for june)
  • QMO2 will need documentation cleanup. coming soon.

Project Status

Fennec (aakash)

  • release tested 1.1 b1
  • looking at polish bugs and finishing up qa for 1.1
  • looking ahead at 2.0
  • outsourcing plans: Waverly Software
    • finalize the contract this week
    • dedicated 40 hour/week resource based out of romania
    • Task will take on nightly build smoketest/bfts testing for all the fennec releases using the supported devices
    • report test results back to our group, using our tools and our communication
    • Aakash to create a wiki page End of week for getting started
  • Client automation strategy
    • mw22 got in touch with joel, starting to setup unit test environment

Weave (tracy)

  • 1.3b1 planned to be ready to start testing 4/22
  • Weave Test day 4/23
    • discussion: first build ready by this evening
    • builds to be run on testday.
    • recommend Fx3.6.4 beta as the client to test against
    • Outsourcing: uTest to task to help with client side load generation. Plan for 2 passes with them. Week before, do a pass against the 1.3 client with no load. Week after: do the same testpass against the 1.3 client with load.
    • Need a plan to think about what testcases to perform?
    • What data would they be monitoring?

Jetpack (tony)

  • see roadmap
  • intern (Ayan) to start may 10th, and work on jetpack sdk testing (extension building)

Test Pilot (tracy)

  • 1.0a2 testing sign off last week
  • BFT's for 1.0 extension being polished up and added to per jono's needs
  • Final release targeted for early June
  • discussion madhava is doing UX for fennec testpilot

Round Table, Action Items

  • (tchung, mevans) come up with load test plan for utest
  • (aakashd) create fennec test wiki for Waverly
  • (tchung) finish up the assignment list for Ayan: intern