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Discussion Items

  • BT projects targeting Fx4.0beta (tchung)
    • Slides say late june for beta1
    • Weave, Jetpack, Testpilot, Account Manager targeted
  • Weave for Iphone Plan (tchung)
    • Opt into the beta program that caitlin sent out. only 100 seats available.
    • Will be owned by fennec team, not Weave team
  • Ayan (6-month intern) starting May 10th
    • Aakash mentor
    • Tasklist here.
  • Tomcat's meetup for demos
    • He'll be showing off Desktop/n900 fennec, weave, and maybe iphone sync
    • Any other ideas for him?
    • come up with a fluid test on all products (eg. search google maps on firefox, sync to weave

Project Status

  • Fennec
    • Client update (aakashd)
      • String Freeze tomorrow; Code Freeze on the 13th
      • FFT is up and currently triaging through there
    • Automation update (martijn)
      • Getting stuff set up on my machine. Jmaher is helping me out a lot. He's written some good documentation on the wiki for it. When I have all set up (for reftest, crashtest, mochitest, browser-chrome test) and running, I'll start working on the browser-chrome tests.
  • Weave (tracy)
    • Appear to be on schedule for release of 1.3 on May 17.
    • Several fixes went into the account manager flows for b3 and b4.
    • Weave for iphone will be off-cycle within the 1.3 timeline
  • Test pilot (tracy)
    • The team is primarily focused on studies at this time. No important extension changes.
  • Jetpack (tchung)
    • Jetpack 0.3 is out!
    • Jetpack 0.4 targeted end of May. 0.5; end of June
    • Ayan to work this summer with extension development

Round Table

  • uTest and Waverly (matt)
    • Utest will work with performance and load testing with weave 1.3 against production servers
      • dry run sync tests on friday (no load), then repeat tests on tuesday after load test have been ran
      • includes exploratory testing
    • Waverly contract also signed, will have n900
      • perform smoketests and bfts on a nightly basis
      • want a consistent set of tests ran daily, so we can track results over time (also effective set of exploratory tests, eg. Hulu, gmail, tabs, etc..)

Takeaways and Action Items

  • item 1
  • item 2