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Discussion Items

  • QMO2 content
    • Latest update in these notes
    • List docs to be added for now
      • discussion needing docs on how we test, and what we do with that testing.
      • How-to on various tools
      • land in page hierarchy > Labs. There are examples of the tree
      • Groups on QMO need to be updated
      • Other ideas, have a running blog on how to get up to speed. (eg. getting started jetpack)
      • Due May 26th, wed.
        • Weave 1.3 client (tracy)
        • Test Pilot (tracy)
        • jetpack sdk (ayan)
        • iphone client--future if lands in appstore (tchung)
      • lets video tape our presentation in the summit, and add this to the QMO archive
  • uTest and Waverly (matt)
    • Things working out?
        • update utest still being evaluated where they fit in. they are good for strategic targeted tests. currently doing perf measurements against weave load. Next week will work on SUMO form testing.
        • We have 3 test cycles on contract, and still need a proposal on what to test on, possibly iphone weave
        • We are not tied to the current team for projects
      • update Waverly is a targeted resource for work on fennec nightly testing. will start looking at other devices
    • Future projects
      • discussion utest can look at iphone client, but maybe even firefox betas. waverley can hammer on fennec 2.0 and android
      • Automation tests, future could be waverley working on client test case automation.
  • Community
    • Summit presentations
      • update Aakash doing one for qmo, reporter, testdays
      • what is browser technologies? could split and define what this is representing with the team
      • then branch off into more details, what projects and how we test it. overview
      • describe each project and how we test, and roadmap on it
      • we will now make this a larger QA session with 5 minute lightning talks on each product (team leads to present)
    • June Meetup. Ideas? Thinking about doing a extensions test night handson night
      • discussion create a BYOB with account manager, weave, test pilot. use a web app to do it with all the extension installed. We'll pick the release version.
      • use the pizza/beer time to install your browsers
    • Recruiting Community? blogging, brownbags, demos, videos
  • Video
    • Ideas for project videos? fennec, weave, jetpack
      • discussion what is the proposal for the team videos? how will we present what our team wants to present?
      • this can be similiar to what we're doing in the summit. introduction of the products, the importance of the features, the people, and how we test it.
      • come up with face to face ideas (eg. ayan is a student interviewing Myk the senior programmer)

Project Status

  • Fennec
    • Client update (aakashd)
      • Results from Waverley Daily Testruns of our Smoketests/BFTs
      • release test 1.1 RC. here's our results wiki
      • Get OS Intregation testcases up for Android (testing for Android too!)
      • Mario Alvarado is formulating a timetable for when to get QA companion updated over the next month or two
    • Automation update (martijn)
      • Concentrating on mochitest failures
      • Tracked here:
      • Start testing on Layers/Fennectrolysis
        • update mochitests will break against fennectrolysis now, so dont worry about them yet. joel is working on getting it up
        • mochitests need to get converted to fennectrolysis. but there may be extra tests later that will need to be written that there's no support for now. (like detecting dom in webpages)
        • since fennectrolysis automation framework wont be integrated until post 2.0, then how can we test fennectrolysis in the meantime? Probably running smoketest and webpages with dom and ajax based pages and make sure its not broke.
  • Weave (tracy)
    • 5/17 release slipped due to server issues. Now shooting for 5/25.
    • There have been some bad reports against 1.2.3
      • I think most of these issues are known and fixed in 1.3. That or other extension caused.
  • Weave for Iphone (tchung)
    • beta 10 has been deployed
    • If you have a iphone or itouch, submit your udid immediately to caitlin
  • Test pilot (tracy)
    • 1.0a5 released 5/17
    • to add Litmus test suite for Fx 4.0beta inclusion
  • Jetpack (ayan)
    • On track to learn more about Jetpack SDK by going through the online documents.
    • Meeting(5/21) with Myk and Tony to formulate test plans for end to end testing of SDK 0.5 release planned in mid-june.

Round Table

  • Tchung vacation 5/24-6/8. Someone want to run June 3rd meeting?
  • Automation for Mobile:
    • We need YOU (interns and GSOC folks) to help create Browser-Chrome Automation:
    • When identifying new tests needed we need you to completely specify what the test steps should be like so:
    • As a rule, keep away from verifying device-specific items - files on devices in particular locations, soft keyboards, specific phone buttons etc (we want the browser-chrome tests to test the flow inside of Fennec, not the Fennec interaction with the outside phone which would be device specific). This way, these tests are portable from device to device.

Takeaways and Action Items

  • item 1
  • item 2