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Discussion Items

  • Fennec
    • Nightly release criteria? how do we treat failing litmus tests that waverley runs?
    • General feeling of the upcoming alpha
    • How's our automation testruns coming?
  • discussion update (tchung)
    • only 2 true lab engineers left
    • contacts and api
    • open web store future
  • Sync
    • Firefox Home iTouch now In House. Details here
    • Crossweave - Ayan, demo a run

Project Status

  • Fennec
    • Client update (aakashd)
    • Automation update (martijn)
      • Working with Joel Maher on mochitests, running them in chunks. We'll make a list of tests that fail reliably and then file bugs for those after we've investigated them more.
      • First testing with browser.tabs.remote=false, then later with browser.tabs.remote=true
  • Sync (tchung)
    • Tracy on vacation
    • 1.4.2b2 landed on AMO
    • FF4 is taking the 1.4.2 UI in bug 581623 and integrated with firefox. ETA is beta 3
    • there's also bug 581623 for adding status back into FF4.
  • FF Home (tchung)
    • No word on Apple approving app yet for 1.0.1
    • in house iTouch now for test usage
  • Test pilot (tchung)
    • more bug fixes for Fx4 beta 2, with bad bug in bug 575743
    • any further development will go into feedback extension
  • Jetpack (ayan)
    • Integration Script : r+ from warner. bug 578770
    • Ready to push it live. Waiting fro myk to decide hg location.
    • Cleaning up the code based on warner's suggestion and start for windows.

Round Table

Takeaways and Action Items