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Discussion Items

  • Community Outreach for BT projects
    • other than testdays, what else can be done to reach out?
    • need some examples for Sync, mobile, jetpack
      • Fennec: Tetstdays and QMO
        • we dont get that many people right now. #qa, #mobile, #maemo freenode, #android freenode.
        • got out planet maemo
      • Martijn is working on a Mobile MozillaZine
        • QMO needs to have more data in it. it's pretty empty right now
        • Jetpack: find ways to target students that might be want to develop addons using the SDK and addons builder
          • Ayan has setup a meeting with the professor at SJSU that teaches QA
          • Talk to Nick from AMO to get some
        • Graduated Lab Extensions: lab teams all have their own project pages. QMO should have the same kind of thing. Pointers to those kinds of documentations
        • More advertising on help like adding testcases, owning features
        • Utilizing the lab forums, and doing more advertising QA and testing to those channels (sync google group is pretty active)
  • QA Work Week
    • Proposed discussions
    • For my common QA practices one, prepare to share examples of team processes, delivery mechanisms, and bugzilla usage so we can use to identify points
    • Add your ideas to the list
    • Team videos
      • Remotees should have been contacted to shoot soccer intro video. if not, contact marcia
      • Matt's science fair idea (matt to clarify)
        • discussion A more in depth of what each team does. fireside-chat talking about what we focus on, what projects are we working on
        • have people sit around a table, do a quick demo, and film dave interviewing (as a robot) each person while they present their demo
        • lower priority item
        • Tracy has storyboard experience. many of these things might be voice-over'd.
    • Team Slide presentation (matt to clarify)
      • Present slides on projects we are working on (eg. how Sync and Test Pilot evolved from labs to firefox, The lifecycle of mobile QA release)
      • Q: is this going to be a presentation to a group, or something on slideshare?
      • discussion expand on the team overview at the summit. Each team has an overview page, actually do a whole presentation on what the team does. presentation on each team page. at the team level, maybe a presentation around 10 minutes for each product. Perhaps use the firechat conversation and overlay a handful of slides. For the most part, it should be pretty close to each other
      • this came out of the notion that we are branching out into the community and present to different groups. Create a slide deck similiar to keynote slides.

  • New staffing
    • Naoki - mobile QA
    • Cameron - firefox / automation QA

Project Status

  • Sync (Tracy)
    • Sync shipped integrated into beta4
    • Communication improvements meeting with Devs. Both sies will try harder to keep each other informed on what is going on.
  • FF Home (tchung)
    • Signed off FF Home 1.0.2 RC1. Changes include: Supports 15 locales, Custom Server URL, and visiting sites via partial or complete URLs.
    • Submitted to App store last night
  • Test pilot (tracy)
    • Feedback shipped integrated into beta4
    • Basically feature complete. However TP team is hoping to get included in Fx4 final, instead of being dropped after the beta cycles
  • Jetpack (ayan)
    • Jetpack script for Mac/Unix reviewed. Need to make few programmatic changes. bug 584479.
    • Changes pretty minor in terms of severity.

Round Table

Takeaways and Action Items