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Discussion Items

  • Increasing QA Involvement level work on Test Pilot studies
    • How much study coverage do we do today?
    • bug 594178 stirred up discussion
      • discussion: This would have been caught if we actually tested studies. Q: how much test pilot studies work shoud we get involved? We have access to real studies before the go live. Since these studies are dynamic, we need to ask questions on which areas are regressions? Next steps is to sit down with the TP team and get some more analysis on the study. Tracy to own
  • Community Outreach for BT projects
    • any updates below? (last week)
    • other than testdays, what else can be done to reach out?
    • need some examples for Sync, mobile, jetpack
      • Fennec: Tetstdays and QMO
        • we dont get that many people right now. #qa, #mobile, #maemo freenode, #android freenode.
        • got out planet maemo
          • update: kbrosnan sent out a note to the newsgroups and mailing lists for advertising the testday this week. Aakash will send out a blog post to planet maemo and planet mozilla.
          • Q: lets discuss how we can get testdays driving by community members? Discuss at next week's onsite.
      • Martijn is working on a Mobile MozillaZine
        • update: haven't looked into that yet. This will be posting daily topics and updates. Martijn will put up a post next week
        • QMO needs to have more data in it. it's pretty empty right now
          • update: create content there. Target end of next week to get content in there. See stephen's work for examples
        • Jetpack: find ways to target students that might be want to develop addons using the SDK and addons builder
          • Ayan has setup a meeting with the professor at SJSU that teaches QA
            • update: had a conversation, but projects are already done. Planning for a topic for next semester. Talk to directory of engineering to get a room for a meetup. Or come onsite? Have a local student day?
          • Talk to Nick from AMO to get some
        • Graduated Lab Extensions: lab teams all have their own project pages. QMO should have the same kind of thing. Pointers to those kinds of documentations
        • More advertising on help like adding testcases, owning features
        • Utilizing the lab forums, and doing more advertising QA and testing to those channels (sync google group is pretty active)

Project Status

  • Fennec
    • Client update (aakashd)
      • discussion Naoki will create Testday testplan for tomorrow (incl bug queries, links)
      • Input is landing in Fennec when the user is only on the beta channel. this is landing before beta 1.
    • Automation update (martijn)
      • fixed bug 586655 (scrollbar tests)
      • Will talk to Clint/Bob of getting a breadboard and setting up automated testing for Android
  • Sync (Tracy)
    • Sync 1.5 has Setup Wizard and account management changes. Those changes are landing in the next beta.
      • discusssion it seems tough to see what has landed in trunk. mconnor has mentioned it is landed in hg.
      • We as QA, need to tell them what the plan is when shipping extension versus the beta at the same time.
      • Need to escalate why we didnt get notification on the extension
  • FF Home (tchung)
    • No weekly meeting this week
    • Still trying to figure out how to lower the NC-17 rating
  • Test pilot (tracy)
    • About Firefox study busted a bunch of prefs
    • QA for studies was not part of our plan. We're going to discuss what processes should be put in place so this sort of thing won't happen again. (code reviews, QA studies before going live, etc.)
  • Jetpack (ayan)
    • We now have a QA page for Jetpack SDK here
    • Jetpack SDK 0.8 to code freeze coming tuesday.
    • FlightDeck 1.0a5 to be pushed to production today.
    • Changes to Windows/Mac script up for review bug 588222

Round Table

Takeaways and Action Items