QA/Browser Technologies/2010-10-07

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Discussion Items

  • Q4 Goals
    • Get your personal goals into the wiki

Project Status

  • Fennec
    • Client update (aakashd)
      • Running release test cycle after third respin
        • Sign-off should be at 12pm depending on no blocker issues found.
    • Automation update (martijn)
      • Able to run mochitests on Android, but getting a lot of connection errors, which prevent a succesful testrun on the Droid. Hopefully, this will be better with the breadboard.
  • FF Home (naoki)
    • did some Home Testing yesterday however busy with Beta 1 rc 2 and rc 3
    • planning to finish with home testing EOD today
    • Test Plan/Results can be seen [Test Plan |here.]
  • Test pilot (tracy)
    • Signed off on the latest version of Firefox 4 beta interface study. The study doesn't interfere with Fx functionality. Devs are sorting out some data collection correctness issues.
    • Test Pilot is mostly in study mode now. Very little work on feature UI.
  • Jetpack (ayan)
    • SDK 0.8 released last week.
    • Draft of testplan for Add-on builder ready. Given to dbuc for review.
    • Video for Jetpack ready

Round Table

Takeaways and Action Items

  • Q4 goals were discussed:
    • Mobile Team : [NEW] QA support for shipping Fennec 2.0 where no previously reported blockers are discovered after shipment and cause a respin
    • Naoki : [NEW] Execute a device compatibility test plan for supported Fennec 2.0 devices and ensure proper Fennec browser operations.
    • Martijn : [NEW] Get mochitests running for Android and Maemo on buildbot nightly with minimal known failures
    • Tracy : [NEW] Write and execute a QA test plan to support current and future Test Pilot studies and ensure safety and stability for the browser installations.
    • Ayan : [NEW] Prototype development of a Jetpack flightdeck editor test suite using the the selenium framework.