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Discussion Items

  • Sync testing and dependencies (juanb, tracy, tchung)
    • Any blocking issues found?
      • discussion look for scenarios where users tried out minefield, and decided to go back to 3.5/3.6/fx4b7. their accounts will be broken, and will need to regenerated a sync key
      • Master password set, timing will break cause sync server looks at an empty password manager (no sync key), and not find anything cause its trying to validate the HMAC
      • create a handful of test accounts from various base versions. record the original username/passwords/sync key. Run those against staging each time, but this way we have a baseline to test against. Q: can we reset these all back to a starting point after we sanitized it?
      • Messaging to support. we should work with cheng and michael to cover a list of known sync issues that will cause problems to the public. (Tracy) to make a list of notes and known bugs and send it to cheng.
      • Signoff criteria: l10n spotchecks, no current blockers
      • Q: is there a blogpost for sync?
  • Bugzilla Dashboard
    • Tracy demo
      • discussion for now, send your product customizations tracy. IN time, we need to get this modularized and maintained by another team.

Project Status

  • Fennec
    • Manual (tchung)
      • Beta 3 testplan is done. Focus on feature testing around VKB and sync
      • Support support team. i think they have a rss feed someplace
    • Automation (martijn)
      • Meeting with jmaher on how to get more mochitests set up on tinderbox
  • Sync (Tracy)
    • Sync looking ok in beta8 and 1.6b5.
    • they will be shipping with bug 618336 - This experience has been the case for every storage version bump so far. But, the user experience has improved with the fix in the key entry field.
  • FF Home (Tony)
    • 1.1 has been approved by apple in the app store! We just need to push the Go button
    • Will spotcheck the app against firefox beta8 and sync 1.6 before saying Go.
  • Test pilot (tracy)
    • New version of Search study QA'd and turned on last Friday.
    • Upcoming work - Next up Awesomebar Study for end of this month.

  • Jetpack (ayan)
    • 1.0Beta1 finally out of the door.
    • Flightdeck 1.0a7 - All deliverables are on-track.
    • Need to consider timeframe of future beta releases in lieu of Firefox 4.

Round Table

Takeaways and Action Items

  • Q: can we reset these all back to a starting point after we sanitized it?
    • (Tracy) to look into this issue
  • Getting a list of top issues to support team around Sync
    • (Tracy) to compile desktop notes and bugs to the team. (Tony) to do the same for fennec