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Discussion Items

  • New mobile QA contractor: Kevin Brosnan
    • Starts on Monday, Feb 14. Onsite Feb 28th
  • Firefox 4 update (special Guest: Juan Becerra)
    • Major Update testing with rich Sync profiles
      • currently only using vanilla profiles for update testing (3.6.x -> 4.0)
      • (tchung) investigate if crossweave and mozmill can be automated in a major update scenario)
      • (juanb) work with (tracy) to get a major update data testplan and matrix
      • (Tracy) look into creating assorted sync profiles and known data sets and how to generate/store those
    • Other things?
  • Fennec Waverley
    • 3 resources running smoketests and bfts this week (See BT etherpad)
    • What else can we task them with?
      • add litmus test cases on in-litmus? bugs
      • tasked for perf testing per beta
      • mobile bug triage, UNCO/New bugs. set them to blocking flag, and priority.
      • more bug verifications of fixed bugs
      • can we assign them a feature and ownership? (eg. WebGL, Fennec Sync, look at list of other areas that we can start)
      • Expanding their device compatibility testing
  • QMO Content needed
    • Fennec: Device compatibility, Testing tips and tricks, Setting up automation, Mobile Bug Triage, Setting a mobile debugger via Android SDK,
    • Sync: How to use, Testing tips and tricks, Crossweave
    • Jetpack: Addons builder, selenium test documentation
  • Next BT Testday?
    • Had one for sync recently
    • Jetpack, fennec, test pilot due
      • Fennec testday slated for Feb 25th (kbrosnan to lead)

Project Status

  • Fennec
    • Manual (aakash)
      • Code-freeze Feb 15th
      • Hope to release Feb 18th
      • Nightlies are back up (were down yesterday to windowless plugins)
    • Automation (martijn)
      • Concentrating on mochitest errors in editor/libeditor/html/tests
      • Unfortunately now getting this error while copying the profile to the tegra device:
    • Device Compatibility (Aaron)
  • Sync (Tracy)
    • 1.6.3 rework bugs landed yesterday. Will verify and sign-off today
    • stage-auth is not working so python server testing is on hold
  • Test pilot (tracy)
    • working with the TP team to create solid release criteria and process.
    • jono built a 1.1pre2 last night, we'll be testing it in the next couple of days.
  • FF Home (Tony)
    • No new work this week
    • 1.1.1 is awaiting app store submission. Blocked by localizers
    • 2.0 planning is in phrase. Preliminary idea is a Firefox Home Web App
  • Jetpack (ayan)
    • SDK 1.0b3 code freeze next week.
    • Flightdeck 1.0a8 to be pushed live today if everything goes well.
    • ACE editor now integrated into flightdeck now.

Round Table

  • bug 499292: [@font-face] hide fallback text for a short time while a font downloads
  • crowd-based automation tool(s)?
    • Tp test tool from mfinkle (tchung to follow up)
    • Running unit tests against a device? through a crowd extension (nhirata to follow up)