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Discussion Items

  • Fennec 4 Signoff
    • RC1 Testplan
    • Website Compatibility Testplan
    • Device Compatibility Testplan
    • Sync Profiling on Fennec
    • Crowdsourcing perf test extension
    • RC Testday
    • Blocker verifications from Beta 5
  • Addons builder
    • Share update on usage of Selenium 2 on the site
    • Repository location?

Project Status

  • Fennec
    • Manual (aakash)
    • Automation (martijn)
      • Fennec mochitests running on the tegra device again.
      • Patch ready for bug 634626, disables these tests for Fennec when the spellcheck is turned off, but this needs a new specialpowers.js api too.
      • Working on a simple extension with specialPowers.js and the messageManager to experiment with.
    • Website Compatibility / Device Compatibility (aaront)
  • Sync (Tracy)
    • scl2 is live (running Python server)
    • Account Portal is live
    • 1.7 extension released
      • This should be the last version of the extension.
    • Next Gen Server
      • Python server signed off
      • Reg/Sreg next up
  • Test pilot (tracy)
    • After several betas, Final sign off on 1.1 this morning
  • FF Home (Tony)
  • Jetpack (ayan)
    • SDK 1.0b4 code freeze next week.
    • Flightdeck 0.9 release today.
    • Bugs that are going into this release
    • Some completed selenium scripts need to be reviewed.

Round Table