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Discussion Items

  • Firefox 4 update (juanb)
    • Discuss sync-related update testing
      • Need a pass through downgrade scenario: 3.6.x -> Fx4beta -> 3.6.x
      • General case has been completed. See results.
      • discussion no need for update channel testing, just pave over work
  • Fennec Related
    • Fennec RC1 is next, ETA March 8th. What are the action items we should cover and prioritize?
      • RC Testday
      • more aggressive stability checks (everyone here needs to participate and lead by example)
        • discussion consolidate the surveys that were floating around. too many urls floating around. cc to mobile@mozilla. start blogposting ahead of time to the world, since this is a public list. timing of sending it out was fine. (it was sent out during a respin)
      • crowdsourcing perf test extension
        • (try it out here: 1)
        • and point to this file
      • website compatibility signoff
        • discussion look at the extension websites that's being ran for firefox, and consolidate with their list (aaron, talk to juan)
      • device compatibility signoff (tchung)
        • discussion compile this list and get this out to crowdsourcing
      • Verifying fixed bugs
        • discussion manageable list, down to single digits
      • Testcase cleanup?
      • Run through all the FFTs, smoketests, hand over to waverley
      • Update testing?
        • plan to make sure we have 1.1 to 4.0 for release channel work
      • Addon compatibility?
        • discussion we dont have one for fennec unlike firefox. most of the addons are made internally
    • Fennec Testday signup
      • who's available and when?
      • (matt) discuss how we can target testdays work beyond one day only. Mobile user mentality/availability may differ from desktop users
        • discussion how can we get more programs around getting mobile audience and programs to do testing outside? be creative, have ideas with testing, give out prizes, work with marketing for contests.
  • QMO Content needed
    • Fennec: Device compatibility, Testing tips and tricks, Setting up automation, Mobile Bug Triage, Setting a mobile debugger via Android SDK,
    • Sync: How to use, Testing tips and tricks, Crossweave
    • Jetpack: Addons builder, selenium test documentation

Project Status

  • Fennec
    • Manual (aakash)
      • Beta 5 shipped yesterday. Great work everyone!
      • Stability checks were not well-responsed; we should get extra pushy for the rc
    • Automation (martijn)
      • bug 623624 - Content elements don't get focus when the focus method is set on them. Might be one of the causes of mochitest failures, unfortunately, backed out, because of performance regression. However, with that fix, I'm still seeing timeouts because of lost focus. I might be able to work with the nsIFrameLoaderOwner.activateRemoteFrame() method to see if that helps things and find out the cause. The mochitest harness might need a way to call this method from content, this can be done with the messageManager:
      • Working on bug 634626 - needs an extra patch that does a platform check that when layout.spellcheckDefault pref is turned off, only Fennec is doing this.
      • Trouble with getting Fennec running on the tegra device. I chatted with jmaher about this. He might have something that fixes this in bug 636450.
      • Troubles with failures, mentioned in bug 573735, comment 1. However, they might just work on Android and Maemo. They definitely don't work on Windows (ctrl-a and ctrl-c don't work on Windows Fennec).
      • bug 532738, comment 11 might be another cause for mochitest timeouts, because of focus issues.
  • Sync (Tracy)
    • Fx-Sync 1.6.3 out the door
    • Account Portal is going through Dev/QA cycles
      • Account Portal Page - Your account has to be on stage for this to work. The page is also behind the MV firewall.
    • Server will be going through a couple of cycles of testing to incrementally move from php to python for server and sreg/reg.
  • Test pilot (tracy)
    • Waiting on a few polish fixes from Jono to test 1.1's rollback to original notification method
    • TP will be moving forward on trunk after 1.1 release by using Fx's built in door hanger notifications.
  • FF Home (Tony)
    • design stage for FF Home 2.0
  • Jetpack (ayan)
    • SDK 1.0b3 code freeze last week. Release on Friday.
    • Flightdeck maintenance release next week.
    • Selenium automation scripts to be put on github

Round Table