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Discussion Items

  • No meeting this week. Workweek next week
  • Offsite Details: See email

Project Status

  • Sync
    • Client (Tracy)
      • Client Train this week held up by discovered regressions. Fixes landed and verified in s-c. Push to m-c ok'd for today. These regression fixes will also have to be ported to aurora as the bugs were introduced in the instant sync check-in prior to the channel merge 2 weeks ago.
    • Server (James)
      • Sync Server hotfix went out on 7/12/2011 for bugs 670993 and 670975, plus all Sync client-side bugs opened along this theme: "Clear your Sync data" doesn't clear sync data. Tested in Staging and Production by QA and Ops. Deployment was successful
      • Sync Server was successfully installed to Fedora, CentOS, and Ubuntu (thanks Owen) VMs. Proof of concept is there to establish Sync Server install and test steps for Sync community.
      • Ongoing discussions with Dev, Ops, and QA for automated testing of Sync Server. Best choices so far are TPS for Server API (smoke tests) and Funkload (load tests).
  • Load Testing (Owen)
  • Test pilot (tracy)
    • 1.2 is in final review. Once it is approved, 1.2 will be pushed to AMO.
    • Part two of the New tab study is in QA. This study will present 1 of 4 different views when a new tab is created.
  • Identity (james)
  • FF Home (Naoki)
    • Direction of Home discussed in Home Meeting
    • Meeting with Dev to understand direction of Home in short term
    • RSS Feeds in
    • Dev working on Add on to get more user feedback data
    • need more user feedback in order to understand where to take Home
    • Home name to be changed in the near future
  • Open Web Apps (tchung)
    • Working on a Test Strategy with webApps Team
    • they are experimenting with Mozmill now

Round Table