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Discussion Items

  • Q2 Goals
  • Fennec Stuff
    • Fennec 6 & 7 feature testplans (aakashd)
    • Are we ready for RC deployment?
      • Checklist of what's left for RC testing
        • discussion: 5.0rc Test plan
        • Move DA section to virtual machines
        • updates section should add notes for Maemo testing
        • Add a section on top sites testing
        • Have a section on removing beta tools
    • Device Anywhere Wiki (kevin, aaron)
      • Purpose, Accounts, Admin vs. User, best practices
    • community device support update (aaronmt)
  • Services QA
    • Services upcoming Features roadmap
    • July 18th Services workweek
    • James Bonacci start next monday
  • Open Web Apps (tchung)
    • back on BT's radar
    • Looping in webqa on this effort

Project Status

  • Fennec
    • Execution (aakash)
    • Automation (martijn)
    • Website Compatibility / Device Compatibility (Aaron)
      • WC focus with testers tomorrow for #testday
      • DC June 16th generated report
      • ARMv6, Flash, Zooming, and lots of comments from frustrated folks who can not find Firefox and or know of any other ability to install Firefox on cheap tablets that don't have the Android Market installed
      • Flag on small-screen devices with irregular resolutions
      • Contacting Moz Japan office to help out with Japanese devices
  • Sync (Tracy)
    • client and browser trains skipped last week
    • client train already pushed from s-c to m-c this week.
    • server train on track for this week. Even though I found a bug in AP, it's in quota request and not going to block this train.
    • Instant Sync dev work is underway
    • Project planning for improved setup is underway.
  • Load Testing (Owen)
    • Environment Setup
    • Working with services team to gain understanding of the sync api
    • Writing tests against a production-like environment
  • Test pilot (tracy)
    • Testing of New Tab study (what do users do when opening a new tab)
  • Identity (tracy)
    • Basic test plan up.
    • Server stabilized. UI not quite ready, so still not QA'ing. May give this to new hire.
  • Share (Aaron)
    • No update yet
  • Open Web Apps (tchung)
    • see section above

Round Table