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Discussion Items

  • Top issues for your projects (team summary)
    • Services: Android Sync is trying to land password and form work. sync 2.0 and Sync 1.1 users will not be backward compatible. Will cause issues.
    • BrowserID: workweek.
    • Fennec: still no plan to merge m-c to Aurora uplift yet. cherry picking patches is the current discussion.
      • Apr 16th, code freeze/target 0 beta blockers
      • 6 weeks after that: target Release
      • Showcase3-21
    • B2G: targeting a test sign off on the M2.5 build by end of month, and a working candidate by April 26 (js conference). Testing needs to be done on the phone and with APIs
    • Pancake:
      • iOS app development in risk for Q1
    • WebApps:
      • working with mobile on website compatibility
      • lots of debate going down gecko or webkit route, especially for marketplace beta
      • Targeting native app install only on firefox.
      • Main testing focus has been on web compatibility and Apps marketplace work
  • Community projects update (tracy)
  * blog 3 times this quarter on your project (either on QMO or personal)
  * create 1 actionable project on QMO (getting involved with Sync)
  * blog 3 times this quarter on your project (either on QMO or personal)
  * create 1 actionable project on QMO (Web compatibility testing across devices?) 
  * write QMO blog post and point to the robocop wikis.   or taking a litmus test and how they can create an automated test
  * mentoring a college student to learn how to test BrowserID (Zak from fort lewis college)
  * goal is to write testcases, and move them to case conductor
  * blogpost on selenium tests for BrowserID. provide examples, screenshots, and what areas we still need for tests.
  Kevin: clean up the wikimo docs for old fennec stuff.   Create a document for a writitng testcases style-guide, starting with mobile QA. 
  John: was working on a few students for b2g, but may be too technical.  Will work with them to get the students working on an emulator.   (barrier: no devices)  Work with Geo on the list.   Add a goal to blog what's going on with B2G on QMO.
  * write blogpost on detecting and killing crashes (done) community plan
  * talk about socorro stuff 
  * introduce pancake development and status of beta (dropped for this quarter) beta is at risk
  * write a blogpost on general exploratory testing (done) community plan
  * talk to jaclyn and video tape them on their demos, broadcast their videos on QMO. (done) need to wait until we're closer to release.
  * write a blogpost on reading and posting bugzilla metrics for web compatibility
  * cleaning up old services and fennec wikis-start with moving the /QA/Fennec stuff to a /QA/Mobile directory
   * Write monthly blogposts for what I work on (on track, 2/3 done)
   * Cleanup apps documentation & add tasks (done)
  • Porting of Tests to Case Conductor
    • Eg. Sync. accumulating a list of tags, and documenting them (tracy)
    • we can work through the guideline list in 2 weeks
  • Demos!
    • B2G phone (tchung)
    • Apps WebRT (jsmith)

Project Status

  • Sync (Tracy)
    • Tab Sync landed on Android
    • Form and Password Sync soon.
    • review of test cases for NAS today
    • Will be attempting to unify Desktop and Mobile test cases into one Firefox Sync unit in Case Conductor
  • Sync Server (jbonacci/jrgm)
    • QA/Dev testing of Sync 2.0 against qa1, the Sync 1.1/2.0 Dev env, plus various flavors of Linux on local VMs
    • Working with jrconlin on some initial QA/Dev testing of BiPostal on qa3 VM
    • QA/Dev testing and scheduling is now active for Token Server, qa2 VM and the TS Dev env
    • QA test planning is in progress for the following projects:
      • MetLog
      • AITC
      • BrowserID +
  • BrowserID (jbonacci/jrgm)
    • This week is BrowserID Work Week
    • Also: working on Train 23: Bug 735882 - QA and deploy BrowserID train-2012.03.14 to production
  • B2G (jhammink/geo)
    • Nothing new to report, shifting focus from Test Planning for M2.5 to actually testing =)
    • Need to find out which and how deep we must go into API testing - we need strategy for that.
  • Pancake (nhirata)
    • revamp of the ui is coming soon (Discovery + Top Sites is going to be in the same page)
    • logging bugs and testing manually until things settle down
    • Selenium stuff dropped for now since we're working on iOS iApp for the end of the quarter

Round Table

Action Items