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Areas for QA Focus

  • [QA] Suggested areas of focus for QA:
    • normal stuff - resolved issue verification, load testing, and full regression testing
    • given issue 1129 and caching changes, check cache headers of important resources to ensure no regression.
  • test failure modes with cookies disabled on all environments
  • In addition, QA needs to spend time functionally testing all supported locales through desktop and mobile browsers.
  • And, QA should spend some time testing various browsers with the following settings enabled/disabled:
    • Block/Unblock Pop-Up Windows
    • Allow/Not allow Third-Party Cookies


  • Train 21: 02-16-2012


Deployment Ticket

  • bug 727995 - QA and deploy BrowserID train-2012.02.16 to production
  • RPM: browserid-server-0.2012.02.16-1.el6_101802.x86_64.rpm

OPs Ticket and ChangeWindow

Hot Fixes

  • Hot Fixes: Prod-only
    • Bug 729561 - BrowserID: Deploy hotfix to production at 1pm pacific
      • browserid-server-0.2012.02.02-5.el6_101735.x86_64.rpm
      • Addition of rebranding banner: "BrowserID is graduating: we're launching Mozilla Persona. Find out more on the identity blog."
  • Hot Fixes: Dev only
    • HotFix 1:
      • 841: Present site's TOS and privacy policy to user
      • 1216: allow RP to specify tos and PP for display to user inside the browserid ...
    • HotFix 2:
      • 1176: Mobile: No longer able to Sign In using FF 12 (Aurora) or FF 13 (Nightly)
    • HotFix 3:
      • 1169: FF Mobile Beta (11.0) on droid2(2.2) cannot signin on myfavoritebeer or myfavoritebooze





  • webheads
    • /usr/bin/node bin/browserid
    • /usr/bin/node bin/verifier
    • /usr/bin/node /opt/browserid/lib/verifier/verifier-compute.js
    • /usr/bin/node /opt/browserid/lib/bcrypt-compute.js
  • secure webheads
    • /usr/bin/node bin/dbwriter
    • /usr/bin/node /opt/browserid/lib/bcrypt-compute.js
  • keysigners
    • /usr/bin/node bin/keysigner
    • /usr/bin/node /opt/browserid/lib/keysigner/keysigner-compute.js
  • databases: various mysql processes
  • zeus: various zeus processes


  • webheads: /var/log/browserid/
    • browserid.log
    • browserid-metrics.json
    • verifier.log
    • verifier-metrics.json
    • verifier-compute.log
  • secure webheads: /var/log/browserid/
    • dbwriter.log
  • keysigners have /var/log/browserid/
    • keysigner.log
    • keysigner-compute.log
  • databases: n/a
  • zeus: various logs

Unit Tests - Local Install

  • Front-End Unit Tests
    • PASS
  • Back-End Unit Tests
    • PASS
  • Headless Front-End Unit Tests
    • PASS

Sample Bug and Issue

New/Updated OPs Tickets and Issues

  • bug 726629 - browserid: figure out DNS for multi-datacenter
  • bug 726614 - browserid: multi-datacenter tracking bug.
  • bug 697225 - zeus: migrate production PHX, SCL2 from old standalone servers to new MSM cluster
  • [BrowserID issue 1165] : some rpm build fixes
  • [BrowserID issue 1177] : more rpm fixes: instead of pulling in all config/, just l10n-all.json

New/Updated Security Tickets and Issues

  • None

New/Updated APPs Tickets and Issues

  • bug 728382 - BrowserID IdP Server for Project

New/Updated Labs Tickets and Issues

  • None

New/Updated Localization Tickets and Issues

Resolved/Closed Bugs and Issues

  • bug 727872 - Push Afrikaans (af) localization of BrowserID

Reopened or Updated : Server

Reopened or Updated : Client

  • None

Opened Bugs/Issues For This Week: Server

  • bug 725502 - with dialog=yes argument in it causes weird issue
  • bug 730015 - BrowserID: No longer able to Sign In using FF 12 (Aurora) or FF 13 (Nightly)
  • [BrowserID issue 1164] : Locale: Prod is not showing he, hu, or pa
  • [BrowserID issue 1167] : The new "requires cookies" message needs improvement.
  • [BrowserID issue 1168] : Locale: Provide localized strings for new "requires cookies" message
  • [BrowserID issue 1176] : Mobile: No longer able to Sign In using FF 12 (Aurora) or FF 13 (Nightly)
  • [BrowserID issue 1179] : Rebranding banner looks terrible on mobile and small size browser windows
  • [BrowserID issue 1217] : Privacy and TOS links on Sign In page open to the same browser window/tab.
  • [BrowserID issue 1218] : Privacy and TOS links do not work correctly with older Android and stock browser
  • [BrowserID issue 1139] : "frozen" error dialog shown on error in account manager page.
  • [BrowserID issue 1142] : stage env for train-2012.02.16 not working
  • [BrowserID issue 1169] : FF Mobile Beta (11.0) on droid2(2.2) cannot signin on (beta.?)myfavorite(beer|booze).org
  • [BrowserID issue 1215] : trivial quirk with FF10, multiple languages and cache behaviour
  • [BrowserID issue 1172] : The "This field must be an email address." error message is displayed when trying to sign up with and email address longer than 74 chars
  • [BrowserID issue 1173] : Passwords larger than 80 chars can be used all through BID
  • [BrowserID issue 1200] : BrowserID becomes unresponsive when trying to use on Firefox with all the cookies disabled
  • [BrowserID issue 1201] : The home page displayed both the Account Manager and "Connect with BrowserID..." sections when all the cookies are disabled
  • [BrowserID issue 1202] : Only the headers and footers of most pages are displayed when opening them in Chrome with all the cookies disabled
  • [BrowserID issue 1203] : The "We are very sorry, there has been an error!" message with an unresponsive "See more info" link is displayed in several cases when all the cookies are disabled in the browser
  • [BrowserID issue 1204] : Include.js returns a 304 even though it takes a while to load
  • [BrowserID issue 1206] : include.js loads very slowly for the addons "My Profile" page in FF

Opened Bugs/Issues For This Week: Client

  • None

Other Open Bugs


  • List of supported locales for this release
    • "af", "ca", "cs", "da", "de", "el", "en-US", "es", "et", "eu",
    • "fi", "fr", "fy", "ga", "hr", "it", "lij", "nl", "pa", "pl",
    • "ru", "sk", "sl", "sq", "sr", "sv", "tr", "zh-CN", "zh-TW