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Areas for QA Focus

  • [QA] Suggested areas of focus for QA:
    • Hearty re-test of ToS/PP feature, please do this first so we can get hotfixes in if needed
    • Test email addresses with uncommon chars in them (like '+')
    • Test that on all devices you can select an email address in the picker by clicking on the email in addition to the radio button.
    • vet new caching setup for domain names - try an email from a domain name that hasn't been tried on beta yet. is there a delay? try it again, is there a delay? Is the delay uncomfortable?
  • In addition, QA should focus on the following:
    • iOS compatibility
    • Android (older than 3.0) compatbilility
    • FF compatibility across all four channels


  • Train 23: 03-14-2012


Deployment Ticket

  • bug 735882 - QA and deploy BrowserID train-2012.03.14 to production
  • RPM: TBD

OPs Ticket and ChangeWindow

Hot Fixes and Other Deployments

  • HotFix 1: 1312: Add new locale: Bulgarian (bg)
  • HotFix 2: 1331: etag of sign_in does not correctly update in all circumstances
  • HotFix 3: 1324: dbwriter nagios probe returning 400 rather than 200/404
  • HotFix 4: aa4ee35 Re-adding en-US, locale svn r103480 (to remove the following locales: fi, sr and uk)



  • Dev:
    • 59e72d4 remove obsolete script - now scripts/compress doesn't leave artifacts all over the place
  • Prod:
    • 8d24766 more rpm fixes: instead of pulling in all config/, just l10n-all.json
    • locale svn r102380
  • Stage:
    • ORIG:
      • 74d77e0 Removing 'bg' locale per bug#735882
      • locale svn r103069
    • HotFixes 1-3:
      • dd01bef document hotfixes in train-2012.03.14, bump version
      • locale svn r103370
    • HotFix 4:
      • aa4ee35 Re-adding en-US
      • locale svn r103480



  • webheads
    • /usr/bin/node bin/browserid
    • /usr/bin/node bin/verifier
    • /usr/bin/node /opt/browserid/lib/verifier/verifier-compute.js
    • /usr/bin/node /opt/browserid/lib/bcrypt-compute.js
  • secure webheads
    • /usr/bin/node bin/dbwriter
    • /usr/bin/node /opt/browserid/lib/bcrypt-compute.js
  • keysigners
    • /usr/bin/node bin/keysigner
    • /usr/bin/node /opt/browserid/lib/keysigner/keysigner-compute.js
  • databases: various mysql processes
  • zeus: various zeus processes


  • webheads: /var/log/browserid/
    • browserid.log
    • browserid-metrics.json
    • verifier.log
    • verifier-metrics.json
    • verifier-compute.log
  • secure webheads: /var/log/browserid/
    • dbwriter.log
  • keysigners have /var/log/browserid/
    • keysigner.log
    • keysigner-compute.log
  • databases: n/a
  • zeus: various logs

Local Install - Unit Tests

  • Front-End Unit Tests: PASS
  • Back-End Unit Tests: PASS
  • Headless Front-End Unit Tests: PASS

Local Install - Load Test

  • Term2: bin/load_gen -u 1/60 -m 60000 -o -s

Stage: Load Tests

New/Updated OPs Tickets and Issues

  • bug 735785 - Request to enable CEF logging for Identity
  • bug 708444 - deploy updated sticky gateway iproute2 config to scl2 internal zeus
  • bug 738400 - investigate disk-level encryption for browserid database hosts

New/Updated Security Tickets and Issues

  • bug 728381 - Security review for BrowserID IdP Server for

New/Updated APPs Tickets and Issues

New/Updated Labs Tickets and Issues

  • None

New/Updated Localization Tickets and Issues

  • [issue 1303] : privacy policy and tos in-dialog doesn't work in all locales
  • [issue 1312] : Add new locale: Bulgarian (bg)
  • [issue 1322] : Break I18n L10n code out into a stand alone module
  • [issue 1343] : Locales list

Resolved/Closed Bugs and Issues

Reopened or Updated : Server

  • bug 25502 - with dialog=yes argument in it causes weird issue
  • bug 734067 - While signing in w/ Persona (BrowserID) keyboard shouldn't vanish after filling in email address
  • bug 730015 - BrowserID: No longer able to Sign In using FF 12 (Aurora) or FF 13 (Nightly)
  • [BrowserID issue 801] : BrowserID: Security hole when adding an email to an existing account
  • [BrowserID issue 1066] : CSS should support RTL locales
  • [BrowserID issue 1124] : Locale: [any/all] The "The selected email is invalid or has been deleted" message is not localized
  • [BrowserID issue 1167] : The new "requires cookies" message needs improvement.
  • [BrowserID issue 1176] : Mobile: No longer able to Sign In using FF 12 (Aurora) or FF 13 (Nightly)
  • [BrowserID issue 1240] : mismatch of PP/TOS text and button text ('next' vs. 'sign in')
  • [BrowserID issue 1276] : Locale: The TOS and Priv content in sign_in is not consistently localized
  • [BrowserID issue 1295] : Pancake: Problems with keyboard availability given updated BID UI flow
  • [BrowserID issue 1302] : The new "requires cookies" message needs improvement on iOS.
  • [BrowserID issue 1308] : Fennec: of site with untrusted certificate fails quietly

Reopened or Updated : Client

  • None

Opened Bugs/Issues For This Week: Server

Opened Bugs/Issues For This Week: Client

  • None

Other Open Bugs


  • (from lloyd) As mentioned in a previous email, there will be no update to the production service today, as the last train (2012.03.01) didn't make it through QA. train-2012.03.14 is branched, targeted to land in production 3/28 pending QA approval, and contains all of the changes from the last train in addition to (see the ChangeList). You can watch the progress of testing and deployment of this train here: