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  • Train 2: 08-12-2011


Deployment Ticket

  • bug 678951 - QA and deploy BrowserID train-2011.08.12 to production

Resolved/Closed Issues

  • massive zero-user-visibile refactoring of dialog javascript.
  • [BrowserID issue 147] : fix cancel button in "waiting for verification state"
  • [BrowserID issue 141] : all browserid source is now tri-licensed (MPL1.1/GPL/LGPL)
  • [BrowserID issue 140] : fixes for mobile firefox (fennec)
  • [BrowserID issue 71] : mysql support implemented for browserid (default persistence production)
  • json persistence support added - a standalone dead simple persistence layer which is the default for local development and requires no external software.
  • [BrowserID issue 91] : email secrets are now persisted in the database, so upon server restart outstanding verification links are no longer invalidated
  • (website) styling changes - like fix issues where links on dev page were being displayed white on white.

Opened Bugs/Issues

  • None for this train


  • QA: Suggested areas of focus for QA:
    • Full regression testing given significant changes in dialog logic as well as port to a new persistence layer (mysql)
    • Explore mobile fixes (give a quick pass on iOS and Fennec)
    • Verify correct functioning of verification token persistence: cause verification email to be sent, restart server (killall node on beta server), confirm that you can then verify email and complete add email flow.
    • confirm fix for issue #147
  • RELEASE ENGINEERING: Steps for updating production from rain-2011.08.04 to train-2011.08.12:
    • 1. install mysql 5.1
    • 2. Add a user to the database:
      • 1. `CREATE USER 'browserid'@'localhost';`
      • 2. `CREATE DATABASE browserid`
      • 3. `GRANT INSERT,SELECT,DELETE,UPDATE,CREATE on browserid.* to 'browserid'@'localhost'`
      • 4. `FLUSH PRIVILEGES;`
    • 3. stop the servers (preventing people from using browserid)
    • 4. migrate the database using `scripts/migrate_sqlite_to_mysql.js` (putting the script in the same directory as `authdb.sqlite`
    • 5. push updated code and restart the servers.