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  • Train 6: 09-22-2011


Deployment Ticket

  • bug 688572 - QA and deploy BrowserID train-2011.09.22 to production

Resolved/Closed Issues

  • [BrowserID issue 261] : initial support for running locally under virtualbox via vagrant
  • migrate to browserid signed certificates rather than keypairs where browserid hosts the public key:
  • IE9 support
  • partial IE8 support (not yet usable, several small remaining bugs, and abysmal performance)
  • development harness (./run.js) now respects an IP_ADDRESS env var to bind to a specific address (other than
  • improved first-time development experience: `git clone && cd browserid && npm install && npm run`

Verified As Still Open

  • [BrowserID issue 252] : Removing last secondary verified email closes account - on accounts with primary verified email
  • [BrowserID issue 272] : "emails from come from hostname that doesn't match reverse DNS"
  • [BrowserID issue 119] : log rotation (Beta)
  • bug 681228 - New dedicated "stats" VM for identity group (re BrowserID)

Opened Bugs/Issues For This Week

  • [BrowserID issue 227] : link colors on are consistent
  • [BrowserID issue 279] : The "source for the reference validator" link needs to be corrected.
  • [BrowserID issue 280] : The Privacy page in Beta and Prod is missing a link to a PDF
  • [BrowserID issue 281] : On, the BrowserID button in IE9 is not drawn well
  • [BrowserID issue 282] : The BrowserID button on in IE9 is not drawn well.
  • [BrowserID issue 283] : In IE9 I am seeing the "Communicating with server" message in Sign In
  • [BrowserID issue 284] : UI is a bit compressed in Sign In pop-up with many emails
  • [BrowserID issue 285] : UI flow for backing out of adding a new email address is broken in IE9
  • [BrowserID issue 286] : Cancelling Sign In and trying to Sign In again results in blank pop-up etc
  • [BrowserID issue 287] : Blocker: Getting permission denied errors trying to sign in to Beta beer site.
  • [BrowserID issue 288] : Syntax error from csrf when removing email from account
  • [BrowserID issue 299] : never syncs with to get the my account button
  • [BrowserID issue 300] : The "This is not me" link is not selectable on stock browser for Android tablet
  • [BrowserID issue 301] : "Never used BrowserID?" should be changed into a more appropriate message
  • [BrowserID issue 302] : If logged in with another BrowserID email on a different browser, the user is logged out
  • [BrowserID issue 303] : The user is allowed to overwrite his BrowserID account
  • [BrowserID issue 304] : "<email> in use, If this email is yours you can sign in with it?" should be changed by a more appropriate message
  • [BrowserID issue 305] : Add a Delete button on the "What email address would you like to use ...?" page
  • [BrowserID issue 306] : The Confirm Your Email dialog is opened when trying to add an invalid email address to BrowserID
  • [BrowserID issue 307] : When confirming an email from a second browser, the server page is opened with no account information
  • [BrowserID issue 308] : Logging into same account on different browsers does not show beer info.
  • [BrowserID issue 314] : Saved passwords are not automatically filled in when logging in with BrowserID on Firefox6
  • [BrowserID issue 315] : The "Password too long" message should mention the maximum number of allowed characters.
  • [BrowserID issue 316] : The "Signing into" tab is automatically closed after 1 minute form the moment it started loading if not used
  • [BrowserID issue 317] : After restarting an Android phone, the BrowserID Signing in tab is opened with the saved password prefilled in the corresponding textbox but with no email address
  • [BrowserID issue 318] : The user cannot log in using BrowserID on Android phone's native browser
  • [BrowserID issue 319] : BrowserID pages are opened as new tabs instead of pop-up dialogs on Android tablets and phones when using Firefox
  • [BrowserID issue 320] : If the user saves the password used on the "Never used BrowserID?" page, he is no longer given the possibility to save it for the "Signing in to..." page
  • [BrowserID issue 321] : The whole BrowerID UI needs to be refitted when displayed on mobile devices

Other Open Bugs