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  • Train 7: 09-29-2011


Deployment Ticket

  • bug 690474 - QA and deploy BrowserID train-2011.09.29 to production

Resolved/Closed Issues

  • [BrowserID issue 326] : fix link on /developers page to verfier source: #326
  • [BrowserID issue 285] : UI flow for backing out of adding a new email address is broken in IE9
  • [BrowserID issue 149] : Beta and ux_iteration: unable to login using Opera on Win7
  • [BrowserID issue 302] : If logged in with another BrowserID email on a different browser, the user is logged out
  • [BrowserID issue 287] : Blocker: Getting permission denied errors trying to sign in to Beta beer site.
  • [BrowserID issue 308] : Logging into same account on different browsers does not show beer info
  • [BrowserID issue 286] : Cancelling Sign In and trying to Sign In again results in blank pop-up etc
  • [BrowserID issue 329] : (merged 2011.10.04) fix issue where a wrong-set client clock could prevent login
  • [BrowserID issue 344] : Don't break when a client machine has a system clocks that is off by more than 2 minutes
  • [BrowserID issue 310] : fix bug where session duration had an upper bound of 7 days - the time the server was running
  • [BrowserID issue 309] : fix bug where a user could go longer than 1 week without re-authenticating
  • [BrowserID issue 240] : (external fix in myfavoritebeer) IE9 support
  • Verified that BrowserID is indeed "broken" on IE9 in compatibility mode (where the Compatibility View icon is filled in with color - vs Off when it is gray outline). I get an About:blank pop-up
  • Cookies! Verify that cookies sent by the server have an expiration date one week in the future

Verified As Still Open

  • None

Opened Bugs/Issues For This Week

Other Open Bugs


  • Note 1 (lloyd)
Shane and I have spent some time revamping the myfavoritebeer demo site.  Here's what's new:
1. there's now a real server that exports a simple API to store beer preferences, login, and logout.
2. assertions are now verified *from the server* as they should be.
3. Source code is annotated and the README provides an overview of how the thing is put together.
4. Full support for IE8 and IE9
5. (dev) Is running on top of the new certificate implementation.
Both and are running the new code,
and I'll migrate the production site ( over on monday.
Have a look a the documentation and source on github at:
Any advice on how to make this code more useful as a reference for website developers
implementing browserid support is very welcome!
  • Note 2 (lloyd)
This is a big day for BrowserID!
First, the production updates:  the certificate implementation is now live in production. 
This is a significant architectural change that makes the system more distributed,
and much closer to its intended form.
Read more about the changes that went into production in the changelog:
Next, the beta branch is updated with train-2011.09.29.
This is a tiny release that fixes a couple problems with authentication to the browserid server.
The tiny changelog is available here:
Finally, and certainly most fun, our full site and dialog redesign is now landed in development. 
We'll be refining this work and getting it into production in two weeks time.
Expect low stability, feel free to file bugs, and hop in and give it a look here:
And experience it as a user would on the example site:

Lloyd (on behalf of all the folks who do the actual work)

P.S.  As always, issues should land on github:
P.P.S.  We'll be doing a full bug scrub tomorrow, and hope to close or comment on lots of issues 
that are addressed by the cert changes in prod, and design changes in dev