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  • Train 8: 10-06-2011


Deployment Ticket

  • bug 692511 - QA and deploy BrowserID train-2011.10.06 to production


Resolved/Closed Issues

Verified As Still Open

  • None

Opened Bugs/Issues For This Week

  • [BrowserID issue 371] : Change the How it works link to act like the Take The Tour link
  • [BrowserID issue 372] : Consider simple, obvious, visible way to delete an account w/o first signing in
  • [BrowserID issue 373] : Where are the Back and Cancel buttons?
  • [BrowserID issue 374] : Signing out of while attempting to sign in to beer site causes apparent "hang" condition
  • [BrowserID issue 375] : Signing out of the beer site while signed into does not refresh the server site
  • [BrowserID issue 376] : Clean up the old server-side web pages
  • [BrowserID issue 377] : Fix or redirect the HTTPS version of the beer site
  • [BrowserID issue 378] : SUMO links on and
  • [BrowserID issue 379] : Fix the "Developers" link to point to a page within BrowserID
  • [BrowserID issue 380] : Identity Team and Mozilla Labs links should open new tabs or windows
  • [BrowserID issue 381] : Fix the "How to Disable or Opt-Out of BrowserID" section on Privacy page
  • [BrowserID issue 382] : Make a live link of MPL on the TOS page
  • [BrowserID issue 383] : Coordinate new account UI paths on the beer site and
  • [BrowserID issue 384] : On the beer site, "If this is a mistake, cancel this email." doesn't? (leads to confusion)
  • [BrowserID issue 385] : UI on both sites for post-account creation task is confusing.
  • [BrowserID issue 386] : The "Use a different email" link is confusing or add separate functionality for adding emails
  • [BrowserID issue 387] : Account Manager page: no obvious way to fully delete an account (emails associated with a password)
  • [BrowserID issue 388] : Removing one email from "account" with multiple emails refreshes/resets
  • [BrowserID issue 389] : What actually happens to data from deleted "accounts"?
  • [BrowserID issue 392] : Account Manager site is not getting updated when sessions change
  • [BrowserID issue 393] : Moving off browser while waiting to Remove an email causes Account Manager page to go blank.
  • [BrowserID issue 394] : Confusing Account Manager page after removing last or only email
  • [BrowserID issue 395] : Still able to use beer site after email is deleted from Account Manager
  • [BrowserID issue 396] : No obvious way to add several emails at once.
  • [BrowserID issue 397] : Very long delay on iPad between Sign In and return to beer site
  • [BrowserID issue 398] : Seeing token mismatch errors in the Beta browserid.log
  • [BrowserID issue 417] : iPhone4: only two of several emails in an account show up in the Sign In window
  • [BrowserID issue 418] : Beta environment needs a second RP (client site)
  • [BrowserID issue 401] : The Signing in dialog hangs until the user manually closes it when trying to log in to a deleted email
  • [BrowserID issue 402] : should contain the sign up and adding emails processes
  • [BrowserID issue 403] : The "This is not me" and "Use a different email" links should be rearranged on the Signing in dialog
  • [BrowserID issue 404] : The user should be warned that he is canceling his BrowserID account when removing the last email
  • [BrowserID issue 406] : Pressing Ctrl+C with the email field focused returns the user to a previous BrowserID Signing in dialog
  • [BrowserID issue 409] : The "remove" buttons are clipped on the right side on Android phones
  • [BrowserID issue 411] : The background of the email removing confirmation pop-up message doesn't match the rest of the client
  • [BrowserID issue 413] : There should be a "Home" button/link that would allow the user to return from Privacy/TOS to the Account Manager page
  • [BrowserID issue 414] : When the user click on the BrowserID confirmation link from a yahoo mail inbox, the page is loaded in the same tab
  • [BrowserID issue 390] : not well-formed script error on login popup

Other Open Bugs


  • This is the first weekly train with the new UI design.