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  • Train 9: 10-13-2011


Deployment Ticket

  • bug 694383 - QA and deploy BrowserID train-2011.10.13 to production



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  • This weekly train was used for the first BrowserID Test Day.
  • And from Lloyd:
  • Yesterday morning train 2011.10.13 rolled into production bringing a long awaited feature: proper email delivery. Reverse DNS resolution, DKIM, and all that magic that keeps browserid emails out of spam folders is now implemented. This train also brings tons of refinements to the new UI that were reported by moz QA and the community, and some security improvements, check the ChangeLog [1] for deets.
  • Additionally, 2011.10.20 has left the station, the ChangeLog is available [2] but here are the key features:
    • Support for earlier android browsers (<3.0)
    • many more refinements of the new UI.
    • mobile usability improvements.
    • Security improvments: scheme is now included in assertions
  • A quick note to implementors: When you're sending assertions over, please upgrade your code to include the scheme. So https://mysi.te rather than mysi.te. We've been careful to preserve backwards compatibility, but porting sooner is better.
  • happy better way to signining,
  • The BrowserID Team