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  • Train 14: 11-17-2011


Deployment Ticket

  • bug 703596 - QA and deploy BrowserID train-2011.11.17 to production




New/Updated OPs Tickets and Issues

  • bug 695955 - browserid: write rsbac security policies for all host types
  • bug 703497 - [browserid] deploy local MTA with socketlabs integration
  • bug 705023 - Set browserid's user UID to something lower than 500
  • bug 705033 - Change the way nodejs starts browserid (no functionality change)
  • bug 705922 - zlb1/2/ please kickstart, yum update, reboot, puppetize
  • [BrowserID issue 617] : some rpm build fixes
  • [BrowserID issue 629] : auto-fix PATH for uglifyjs, and exit on errors
  • [BrowserID issue 656] : read NODE_EXTRA_CONFIG after we setup g_configs.test_*
  • [BrowserID issue 662] : plumb in middleware to send request logs to statsd

Resolved/Closed Bugs and Issues

  • [Client issue 32] : Android/Browser: Cancelling sign-in on beer site does not refresh Sign In

Verified As Still Open, Reopened, or Updated : Server

Verified As Still Open, Reopened, or Updated : Client

  • None

Opened Bugs/Issues For This Week: Server

Opened Bugs/Issues For This Week: Client

Other Open Bugs


  • This was actually a two-week train to cover many changes in preparation for the move to the OPs environments.
  • All train testing was completed on the Beta environment
  • Sanity/Stability testing was completed on the new Dev and Stage environments
  • For the next train, all testing should be completed on the Stage environment, using Beta as a backup or a comparison.