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  • Train 17: 12-28-2011


Deployment Ticket

  • bug 713961 - QA and deploy BrowserID train-2011.12.28 to production





  • webheads
    • /usr/bin/node bin/browserid
    • /usr/bin/node bin/verifier
    • /usr/bin/node /opt/browserid/lib/verifier/verifier-compute.js
    • /usr/bin/node /opt/browserid/lib/bcrypt-compute.js
  • secure webheads
    • /usr/bin/node bin/dbwriter
    • /usr/bin/node /opt/browserid/lib/bcrypt-compute.js
  • keysigners
    • /usr/bin/node bin/keysigner
    • /usr/bin/node /opt/browserid/lib/keysigner/keysigner-compute.js
  • databases: various mysql processes
  • zeus: various zeus processes

Unit Tests

  • Front-End Unit Tests
    • Pass
  • Back-End Unit Tests
    • Pass
  • Headless Front-End Unit Tests
    • Pass

New/Updated OPs Tickets and Issues

  • bug 713691 - bid webheads: monitor /wsapi/have_email
  • bug 715183 - BrowserID: Get Production running latest node and npm
  • bug 715350 - browserid: monitor node memory usage

New/Updated APPs Tickets and Issues

Resolved/Closed Bugs and Issues

Verified As Still Open, Reopened, or Updated : Server

Verified As Still Open, Reopened, or Updated : Client

  • None

Opened Bugs/Issues For This Week: Server

Opened Bugs/Issues For This Week: Client

  • None

Other Open Bugs


  • Lloyd's notes
    • train-2011.12.08 rolled into production today at 2pm pacific time, with zero downtime (our new production environment and pro services team mean weekly trains and hotfixes roll with *zero* user visible downtime). This train *finally* brings IE8 support into production. Give it a test! Next up, in our staging environment is train-2011.12.28, with a c-c-c-crazy pile of changes [1]. Here's a couple highlights:
    • many fixes for mobile platforms and fringe browsers
    • the new code performs better, handles million ADU bursts with ease, and fails more gracefully
    • you can change your password now (finally!)