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  • Train: Sync Server 06-27-2011


Deployment Ticket/Maintenance Window Info

Resolved/Verified Bugs

Opened Bugs/Issues


  • This train failed in Stage and was rolled back.
  • Split "services" log into two parts: Part 1 was for S-C Branch Release QA testing, Part 2 is Python Sync Server deployment.
    • Part 1 is in "#services 5.colloquyTranscript"
    • Part 2 is in "#services 6.colloquyTranscript"
    • Issues
      • PHX Load
      • PHX MySQL too many connections (MySQL rejecting its connections)
      • DB API Errors
      • OPs: we need a better async mysql query solution
      • OPs: conclusion of python failure: database driver (client side) issues
    • For more details, see this email: "Partial Sync outage during PySync roll-out -- 27 June 2011"