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  • Maintenance Release: Sync Server 11-15-2011


Deployment Ticket/Maintenance Window Info

Resolved/Verified Bugs

  • None listed

Opened Bugs/Issues

  • None listed


  • Description: LDAP master failover
    • Purpose: Install write caches on wp-master01/02, restart slapd
    • Impact: outage for new user signups, node-assignment, and password changes
    • Expected duration: 1 minute outage, 20 minutes for hardware install for each host
  • Plan:
    • stage config changes to all masters
    • down wp-master VIP on current master (outage starts)
    • tail -f ldap.log on secondary master, let syncrepl finish
    • restart secondary master in primary mode (will also pick up new configs)
    • bring up wp-master VIP on new master (outage finished)
    • restart LDAP slaves (one at a time, per environment) to force-kick replication
    • restart prior master in secondary master mode