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The Mozilla get involved page has been getting inquiries for Testing and QA for quite some time. In attempt to better connect with these folks that are already reaching out to us, we will return to manually replying to the inquires directed to QA. Note: An automated reply will continue to be sent out at the time the contributor fills out the Get Involved form.

Where to begin?
Please subscribe to the contribute mailing list by visiting
or, via email, send a message with subject or body 'help' to
Once you're approved, I suggest you setup your preferences so that you receive batched emails.

Getting into the rotation
We want to share the load of this manually intensive task. Sign up for days you can help on this Google Calendar. Add your name as an All Day Event. One day a week would be great. Feel free to take more. Here's the catch, if you sign up for Mondays, you're responsible to reply to the Monday inquiries. Reply that day or the next day. It's up to you.

What to send
For generic, "I wanna help, inquiries" The first email should attempt to begin a conversation. Introduce yourself and ask them what areas they are interested in testing. Give them some options to choose from. Note: this is a perfect time to nudge them into your area of need. Don't send out detailed tasks at this point. Say hello and try to get a feel for what they are interested in.

Once contributors let you know more specifically what they are interested in, whether that be in the initial contribute list inquiry or in follow up to your email, direct them to specific things to get started with. We want them to sign up for bugzilla, then attempt to find an issue to report. jsmith has some examples here. Be sure to include a pointer to irc and welcome them to contact you with any questions

For inquiries outside of Desktop, direct them to the appropriate team/project lead and CC that lead.

CC on your initial response (this is how our response rate gets tracked). Once you're in conversation with a contributor, there is no need to CC the contribute list.

Following up
Even though you may have only signed up for one day, you will be responsible for continuing to respond to contributors that you started engaging with. Be friendly, timely, helpful and professional.

Best Practices

  • Use templates from your email client to create personalized responses that can be quickly send out or modified as needed
  • Use your email client to filter "contribute" emails into a dedicated folder.
  • <enter yours here>
  • <or here>