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This is high level guide on how to contribute to Firefox Quality Assurance as an Active Contributor. Read on if you are a Firefox user and are interested in participating as an Active Contributor. If this doesn't seem to be the right volunteer level for you, each level of contribution is generally outlined at Firefox QA Community.

What is there to do?

There is prolific growth in and production from the Mozilla Development Community. Mozilla QA could use your help to keep up with that growth and production. Firefox QA is one area where you can make an impact. What follows are ways to take action and make an impact at each of the higher levels of the Firefox QA Community.

Active Firefox QA

Make a bigger impact by taking part directly with regular Firefox QA activities. The main bullets represent contributor pathways to learn about, grow your skills in and actively contribute to Firefox QA. The time and effort for an active contributor is elevated quite a bit above a casual contributor. Your contribution time can be as much or as little as you'd like, but probably at least a few hours per week.

  • Get comfortable installing and using Desktop Firefox from Firefox builds across all Channels; Nightly, Aurora, Beta, Release and ESR.



  • Join us in IRC: #testday on and run Moztrap tests or run them when you can.
  • Pick a Priority One feature to contribute to. <- each P1 feature owner is on the hook to make sure their feature test plan has a community involvement section.
  • Run Aurora smoketests <- lizzard add link to moztrap testrun
  • Run the Beta smoketests
  • other ideas, projects you're working on that we can get community involved? Add a link to your involvement page here.


Community Builder

  • Grow a Mozilla QA Community in your area
  • Help others grow their skills and knowledge on IRC
  • Join the QA Community call. <- please link to info once we start this up

Document Writer

  • Help keep Firefox QA Documentation up to date.
    • Write manual test cases for MozTrap.
      • Here are instructions how.
      • Here are some bugs requesting test cases be written and added to moztrap.
    • item(s) needed here; if there is any documentation you'd like updated or written. Link to or describe it here
      • If that list starts to get too long we can create a sub page.

What's Next?

If you would like to help Desktop Firefox QA by becoming an Active Contributor, you will want some guidance from a Core Contributor to get you going. Talk to us! We'll help you get started.

We would love to hear from you. Here are various ways of reaching us: