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Tasks for Contributors

Triage Unconfirmed Bugs

Mentors: Tracy Walker

  1. Find a bug you would like to triage here -
  2. Open the bug and read the bug carefully
  3. Move the bug to a product and component in bugzilla that you think most appropriately maps to the bug description

Confirm Important Unconfirmed Bugs

Mentors: Tracy Walker, Anthony Hughes

  1. Find a bug you would like to test here -
  2. Carefully read the bug description to make sure you understand it
  3. Try to reproduce the issue on the latest Nightly build
  4. If the bug reproduced and it's more recent than Firefox 4.0, try to find a regression range for it. More details about how to do that can be found here
  5. Update the bug with your results and cc Jason Smith and Anthony Hughes on the bugs
  6. We'll work with you from there to indicate how the bug should be resolved or confirmed or if the bug needs more testing

Verifying Important Bug Fixes

Mentors: Tracy Walker, Anthony Hughes

  1. Find a bug you would like to verify in this bug query:
  2. Carefully read over the bug and make sure you understand what the problem is, the expected results, and the actual results from an end-user's perspective
  3. Try to reproduce the bug on the firefox build where the bug occurred by downloading the firefox build here -
  4. Test to see if the bug is fixed on each firefox build that the bug is claimed to be fixed. To know what firefox builds you need to verify it, look for the status-firefox fields saying "fixed" and whether the fix was pushed to mozilla central. With mozilla central, you will need to verify the fix on nightly. For others, find the build at and verify the fix on the appropriate version of the build
  5. Drop a comment on the bug indicating the results of your testing and cc Jason Smith and Anthony Hughes on the bug
  6. We'll work with you from there to indicate if the bug should be reopened, verified, or needs more testing

Running Mozmill Automated Tests

Mentor: Anthony Hughes (irc: ashughes)

  1. Download and install the latest Firefox Nightly build
  2. Set up the Mozmill command-line client following these instructions
  3. Set up your Mercurial configuration using these instructions
  4. Clone the mozmill-automation repository: 'hg clone'
  5. Run the start-l10n script from your MozillaBuild folder
  6. cd to the folder where mozmill-automation was cloned
  7. Run the tests using the following syntax:

Once the tests complete (~15 minutes) your results will appear on the mozmill-crowd dashboard.

If your report contains any failures, please consult the open Mozmill Tests bugs. If there is not a bug on file for a failure you are seeing, please file it in Bugzilla using one of the open bugs as an example.

If you don't have a Bugzilla account, please sign-up for one (all you need is an email address).

If you need help, please join the #automation channel on and ask for help.