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Meeting Agenda

  • performance sheriffing. daily smoketesters take this on? (timr)
    • RESOLVED. Dev perf sheriffs will assume this role.
  • Q4 goals planning (timr)
    • Brainstorm of Q4 Goals were discussed here.
  • Triage UNCO printing bugs. (tomcat)
    • RESOLVED by Tomcat. he is working with dev team and has verified from 25 to 14 bugs. Great job!
  • Review printing testcases.
    • Marcia will own this and incorporate these into her Fx3 Feature area
  • QMO Community redesign (jay)
  • Revamping "QA" in wiki URI structure. search results: 1 2(ss)
    • RESOLVED? Looks like Sam is already making the changes. Anything to add?
  • Blocking a build versus blocking status flag? (marcia)
  • Tiger team testing areas to include leopard? (marcia)
    • For now, Tiger team will not make any changes to schedule. Tracy will own Mac Leopard tests will need a new BFT Test suite in litmus.
  • Ownership for unowned functional areas in litmus (eg. Find as you type) (marcia)
    • Unowned areas will first be identified, and added/updated to the current Firefox 3 Test Plan table.
    • Marcia will create a link off the Firefox 3 Test Plan wiki to "un-owned" feature areas and owners will be TBD.
  • Firefox 3 feature group review proposal (juanb)
    • Juan to send out ideas on how to execute this week. Idea to get QA/developer in a room, go over the demo of a feature, and then provide feedback in real-time. (about 30mins) for remote devs, perhaps work on irc?
  • This friday's testday - Security/Privacy (carsten, juanb)
    • Jay brought up for testday, promote the QA Extension feature to the community. Get additional feedback and have people try it out.
  • Other topics? (open)

  • Last Half Hour -- Discuss project coordination/priorities/and resourcing (timr)