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Meeting Agenda:

Discussion Items
  • QA Dev Day update (marcia)
    • Several possible candidates for the first event
      • European Developer Day on 6/5/08, location TBD (marcia, triston) - suggested live presentation and live testing event.
      • OSCON Conference in July, awaiting word from Mary as to whether we will have a room. (marcia) - need to come up with an agenda. Do we have funds for this? Clear with Mary
      • Discussion - hold another room nearby, and have event.
      • Some ideas: use the Mozilla Party space, advertise for community to come test, talk to Moz developers.
      • use the mozilla booth space for testing? downfall is it requires a charge.
  • Automated Test Day hosted by Seneca
    • Suggestion by Dave Humphreys of Seneca re: automated test day, to be hosted by them, May- June timeframe (clint) coordinate an agenda with Dave?
  • Security testing update (marcia)
    • Next session plans with bob Lord?
      • Talk to redhat QA person for test suggestions (marcia)
      • go over security document sent to bc
      • creating a brown bag event out of it for more mozilla team, open discussion (marcia, window) to plan
    • Setting up EV certs on test servers? (marcia, robcee) to discuss plan
Project Updates
  • Firefox 3 beta 5 update (tchung)
    • Code freeze scheduled 3/18, QA tests 3/24-3/27
    • Scheduling what's left to Final RC
      • Discussion: RC1 will be a thorough sweep of testing, covering all areas of regressions. Additional RCs afterwards will be scaled back and simplified schedule.
  • Fx update (al)
    • RTB scheduled for 3/18
    • RTW scheduled for 3/25
    • Fx scheduling will be determined after the Fx3 scheduling
    • TB a week sometime afterwards
  • Topcrash update (ss)
    • Topcrash wiki
    • Driven by dbaron, choffman
    • Webdev team is blocklisting extensions on server side that are constantly crashing
  • Webdev update (stephend)
    • Remora: Slated to ship on 3/18
    • redesign: finished round one, working on round two; should enter semi-private beta in a few weeks (will launch "final" with Firefox 3). Target is launch at Fx3. (stephend) follow up if slipping will slip the code release.
    • Full time webdev started this past monday
  • SUMO update (tchung) to follow up
  • Community update (jay)
  • Testday this week on Themes & Websites (Marcia/Juanb) are the topic moderators this week.
    • Moderator assignments
      • 7am-11am (tomcat/tracy)
      • 11am-1pm (overlapping testers)
      • 1pm-5pm (marcia/tchung)

Other topics?

  • Next week: QAE Q108 Goals update
    • How-to leak doc (tomcat)
    • building product pages for community (ss, jay)
    • deploy QA extension (jay)
    • Port automate L10n tests to Fx3 (tomcat)
      • Postponed due to leak testing goal
    • Test major updates for Fx3 (juanb)
      • round 1 completed, 2nd one due