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Meeting Agenda:

Top Issues
  • QAE Q108 Goals update (everyone)
  • Firefox 3 Round Table update (everyone)
    • Anything majorly blocking b5 and rc1?
    • Adding a (Firefox 3) section to your status reports
      • Download manager, Location bar looks good for now.
      • Security areas ready
      • [At Risk] Offline browsing only has 2 testcases in litmus. Still have incomplete tests, dependency on dcamp. feature is fully checked in
      • Vista SP1 is released. needs to run vista test suite
      • Minor problems on mac theme. Icons are not all there yet. A number of icons still need to be incorporated. [At Risk] (Are themes gonna be done by rc1?)
      • Places are still tweaking DnD, bookmarking bugs, theming stuff. 73 P1/P2 bugs needing verifying
      • 8 Critical Leak blockers remaining for Final release.
      • Topcrashing on every bugzilla page bug 424165. No other blocking issues from layouts aside from topcrash
      • [At Risk] - Topcrashing wiki
  • Future Testdays discussion (jay, tchung, timr)
    • Structure revamp?
    • Ownership?
      • Propose 3-4 weeks of topics on out. maybe decide this during QAE meetings?
      • each day is owned by someone on the team, owner would be responsible for advertising and PR
      • Start having people fill out those slots
      • have it posted on an internal QA calendar?
      • moderation should continue to rotate
      • (jay) to setup a wiki page, we'll discuss the next month's topics next meeting
Discussion Items
  • Automated Test Day hosted by Seneca (clint)
    • Suggestion by Dave Humphreys of Seneca re: automated test day, to be hosted by them, May- June timeframe (clint) coordinate an agenda with Dave?
    • Discussion - still debating to combine this with an onsite testday, or keep it independent.

  • Security testing update (marcia)
    • Next session plans with bob Lord?
      • Talk to redhat QA person for test suggestions (marcia)
      • go over security document sent to bc
      • creating a brown bag event out of it for more mozilla team, open discussion (marcia, window) to plan
    • Setting up EV certs on test servers? (marcia, robcee) to discuss plan
Project Updates
  • Firefox 3 beta 5 update (tchung)
    • Code freeze scheduled 3/18, QA tests 3/24-3/27
  • Fx update (al)
  • Topcrash update (ss)
  • Leak testing update (tomcat)
  • Webdev update (stephend)
    • Remora v3.2 (AMO) tentatively to ship 3/25/2008
    • redesign still in-progress
  • SUMO update (tchung) to follow up
    • Update - djst and team mostly dealing with performance based issues, and doesnt know what needs to be done for testing updates. How did we do this for fx2?
  • Community update (jay)
  • Testday this week on QAC extension and plugins (Jay/Tchung) are the topic moderators this week.
    • Moderator assignments
      • 7am-11am (coop/martijn)
      • 11am-1pm (overlapping testers)
      • 1pm-5pm (stephend/juanb)

Other topics?

  • Flock in Mozilla litmus?
    • Not approved by directors. There will be no administration for flock in the Mozilla Litmus database.