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Meeting Agenda:

Top Issues
  • QAE release timeline scheduling (timr)
    • Upcoming schedule now posted for resource planning around release milestones
    • Not meant to be used as a micromanaging tool. To be updated by Timr, working with project leads
    • Post on google spreadsheet
  • Testdays (jay)
    • Testday Schedule and template
      • Need ideas for future testdays. 3 or 4 topics ahead of time
      • (tchung) Post moderator list on the testday wiki
        • next week: Password manager (juanb)
    • Testday this week on Beta 5 Testday(Tchung/tomcat) are the topic moderators this week.
      • Moderator assignments
        • 7am-11am (coop/tracy)
        • 11am-1pm (overlapping testers)
        • 1pm-5pm (stephend/juanb)

Other topics?

  • (tchung) - create wiki for q2 goals