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Discussion Items

  • Firefox 3 QA Postmortem
    • QA feedback
    • Overall company feedback
    • Firefox 3 Postmortem- Friday, June 27th 9am PDT, conf# 249
  • Q308 Goals
    • Tracking page here
    • Please have this completed by end of week

Project Updates

  • Firefox 3.0.1 (tchung)
    • Triage mode
  • Firefox 3.1 (tchung)
    • Determining which features are landing
    • Determining a schedule
      • ship in 4Q/08 or 1Q/09
      • first alpha in july
        • when can we be API frozen?
        • when can we expect to be feature frozen?
      • first beta in august
        • when can we expect features to land?
    • Tracking notes here
  • Major update testing (juanb)
    • Do we have a planned date for a fake run yet?
    • Last i checked, bug 418129 was blocking this.
    • John O'Duinn mentioned we were trying to do this before the Summit - is that true? [marcia]
  • Fx 2.x update (al)
    • In Beta for Fx
    • Schedule for Tb is in flux and being resolved.
  • Leak testing update (tomcat)
    • Still testing Extension and filed new Leak Bugs
    • Working on TestDev Automation Goals for Leak Testing (Mochikitruns)

  • Webdev update (stephend)
    • SUMO: Hopefully shipping the SUMO reskin tonight
    • AMO: Work ongoing on 3.4.5
      • Code freeze 7/2, Ship 7/8
  • Accessibility Testing update (marcoZ)
    • Nominated a few items for inclusion in FF 3.0.1 like bug 432467, waiting for triage mode to decide on them.
    • Some new stuff landed on 3.1/1.9.1, spent time testing the results and also writing automated testcases for the bugs. This is mostly API solidification.
    • Am starting to work also more closely with the Thunderbird and Calendar teams to get their accessibility issues identified and resolved. A final decision on what platform (1.9.0 or 1.9.1) they'll be using will certainly help the effort, since we can do more with 1.9.1 than we can with 1.9.0 what the APIs are concerned.

Other topics?