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Discussion Items

  • Q3 goals recap (timr)
    • Q4 goals upcoming
  • Tiger team testing revisit (marcia)
    • Tomcat and others cannot continue this effort
    • Is there value in continuing as we continue the push to 3.1?
    • DISCUSSION - how much bugs are we finding on this?
    • Perhaps run less often, but go deeper on focused areas (eg. windows one week, alternate mac/linux the next week)
    • Another idea is to alternate creating automation test cases, and eventually combine them into regular testing
    • Another idea, is to look at incoming bugs and address them quickly if blockers.
    • Or since we're alternating testdays, maybe look at the off weeks as tiger testing?
  • SSL security server
    • bug 456001 - Need automated testing for SSL client auth
    • Marcia, juanb - was working on a EV cert server, decided to go with a VM. Will look into possible next step with SSL server.
    • Make it a two separate team goals for q4.
    • Bob Lord's Cryptography Test Plan Reference
  • QMO content meeting (marcia)
    • Is this still a valid Q3 goal?
    • Teams should gather and meet
    • UPDATE - goal has been pushed to q4. Awaiting website, Jay will deliver tutorials. Site is close to go up.
    • Keep brainstorming content work. Plan for future meetings later on breaking this up.
    • Make this a regular checkin item for qae meetings.
  • improvements to update testing in smoke/bfts (tracy)
    • how can we automate more update testing?
    • Clint mentioned ways to update gristmill tests to create profiles, run mochitests, and then update and run them again.
    • bug 456877 - Can we use MozRunner and JsBridge to do upgrade + mochitest runs? Filed to track this action item.
  • Testday & Bugday Reassessment (tchung)
    • Doesn't seem as effective lately with attendance
    • Should we make changes?
    • Next Testday Scheduled for next week..any ideas for topics ? (if not, make it sense to do a testday ? ) - Tomcat
    • UPDATE - marcia is working on a proposal for this, and will have it ready for discussion at next meeting.

Project Updates

  • Firefox 3.1 (tchung)
    • Testplan and assignments
    • Beta 1 code freeze on 9/30
  • Firefox 3.0.3 (tchung)
    • bug 454708 caused a firedrill
    • Dev wants fast turnaround, like tonite. Lets discuss.
  • Thunderbird (abillings)
    • ETA Today!
  • Webdev update (stephend)
    • SUMO
      • Working on 0.7
    • AMO
      • Will be working on 4.0.2 as the fixes roll in
    • Marketing
      • Finished logo/style guide testing on
      • Finishing up minor testing for an open-source marketing campaign
  • Mobile update (joelm)
  • Accessibility update (MarcoZ)
    • JAWS 10.0 public beta 2 was released today, with lots of fixes for Firefox 3.0.x and 3.1 support. Will be testing my reported issues and all other stuff again with this public beta.
    • Continuing to test TraceMonkey with accessibility-related sites and WAI-ARIA widgets like Dojo. Currently, Ubiquity is preventing many sites from functioning properly, see {{bug|451843]].
    • Always on the outlook for new feature landings such as Micro Formats, have connected with Alex and Mano on these.
    • Also watching progress on bug 436304, which, unlike bug 395980, will be a feature also screen reader users can take advantage of.

  • No Testday this week. Off week
  • Moz EU Camp Update (marcia, ctalbert)
    • October 25-26, 2008)
    • Invites have gone out
    • As of 9-17 we have 13 people confirmed.
  • Gristmill Project (ctalbert)
    • New mozmill.xpi with lookup updates landed last night.
    • About 90% of anonymous element lookups should work now

Other topics?

  • any Eggplant testing ideas?
  • Seneca trip recap (timr, ctalbert, tomcat)