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Discussion Items

  • Branch versus Trunk testing teams (tchung)
    • Branch team
      • Sam (project lead)
      • Al (lead)
      • Juanb
      • stephend (part time)
    • Trunk team
      • Tony (lead)
      • marcia
      • tomcat
      • tracy
      • joelm (part time)
    • Should we review Mconnors Security Updates proposal?
  • SSL security server (juanb)
    • Last week's discussion: bug 456001 - Need automated testing for SSL client auth
    • Make it a two separate team goals for q4.
  • QMO site update (jay)
    • Last week's discussion QMO content meeting (marcia)
    • Teams should gather and meet
    • Awaiting website, Jay will deliver tutorials. Site is close to go up.

Project Updates

  • Firefox 3.1 (tchung)
  • Webdev update (stephend)
    • AMO - bug list
      • Freeze - Mon, Oct 13 (11:59pm), push: Thu, Oct 16
    • SUMO 0.7.1 - bug list
      • Meeting 10/9/2008 to decide schedule
  • Mobile update (joelm)
    • M9 slipping a bit, should be done today
    • Test Plan development making progress
    • mochitests are running on linux and almost on Nokia
  • Accessibility update (MarcoZ)
    • Getting regular build updates from Freedom Scientific for JAWS 10. JAWS 10 support for Firefox 3.0.x and above has improved dramatically over JAWS 9, but there were also some regressions which are being ironed out now. Their support for WAI-ARIA is also very extensive, requiring a lot of manual testing of various aria test cases from different sources (devmo, UIUC,
      • Also feedback coming in from FS for our end, like bug 454997 or bug 455886. Building with patches regularly to test the effects on interaction with JAWS 10.
    • Watching for new UI features in 3.1 nightlies.
      • Thought that bug 412002 has landed, but it doesn't seem to have appeared yet.
      • Watching progress on bug 436304 and test new try-server builds if necessary.

  • No Testday this week. Off week
    • joelm is moderator for next week. Please pick a topic and post the news
  • Moz EU Camp Update (marcia, ctalbert)
    • Working on finalizing presentations. Will add a presentation from a community member from Germany who will be attending. His name is Mark Finke.
  • Gristmill (now Mozmill) Project (ctalbert)
    • beta 1 completed
    • beta 2 is on its way

Other topics?