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Discussion Items

  • Goals
    • Q2 recap (timr--from Directors meeting)
      • Great job responding to internal events. appeciated the last minute help (eg. helping the impromptu Moco Testday, assisting with bug 499169 investigation)
      • Various testdays that exposed developers to the community. Got our developers exposed more to the community. Also more connection to developers
      • As a whole team, there was a feeling of a lot more focus and collaboration. More synergy after Q1.
    • Q3 goals draft (all)
      • For reference, QA Q3 team goals listed here.
  • Crash Stats analysis
    • monitor crash-stats to look for recurring crashes
    • Clint filed a bug requesting daily crash urls, and tests will be ran by bc
  • Subgroup Ownership focus (tracy)
    • Get 100% of test cases clean, then maintained
    • Get 100% of test results vetted. Then for weekly maintain down to zero unvetted.
    • Bug triage of uncomfirmed b.m.o reports
    • Catch up and stay on top of bug fix verifications
    • Stay on top of in-litmus? requests
    • Stay on top of qawanted requests

Project Updates

  • Firefox 3.0.12 (abillings)
    • Bug verifications progressing. Builds by Tuesday, July 7.
  • Firefox 3.5 (tchung/juanb)
    • Done!
    • Firefox 3.5.1 ETA late july?
  • Firefox (juanb)
    • Update?
  • Webdev Testing (stephend)
    • Shipped 3.5
    • Shipped Spread Firefox update for 3.5
    • AMO 5.0.7 Freeze 7/2 - Launch 7/15 (tentative)
    • SUMO 1.3 -- dates/scope unknown
    • Spread Firefox - meeting right now to determine future milestones
  • QMO Discoverability Project (aakash)
    • Done since 6/22
    • Still verifying bugs and issues with paulc that are present on QMO and outside the bounds (kinda) of this project
  • Mozmill Testcase automation (henrik)
    • 96% of all Smoketests are done and work on Windows and OS X. 60% increase in one week. Yay! Only 1/24 tests left which is blocked.
    • Starting to create the Mozmill test writing documentation
  • Website Testing Project (henrik)
    • Testday two weeks ago. Not so many participants but we found a couple of website bugs. We should think about a more general idea.
  • Litmus cleanup (tracy)
    • Reports submitted and vetted in Q2:
      • Fail: 31.4% (50 of 159) results vetted
      • Unclear: 32.0% (62 of 194) results vetted
    • an additional 46 results that were reported prior to Q2 were vetted in Q2

  • Accessibility update (MarcoZ)
    • Focus refactor landed with a few regressions, but Minefield builds were never really screwed.
    • Wrapped up much of the work we slatted out to do in in the a11y team including:
      • table and data grid exposure to assistive technologies
      • More ARIA 1.0 work
      • Groundwork for some better event handling work slatted for Q3.
    • Got a definitive community member interest in Mac a11y, once we get that rolling.
    • MoCo is funding additional Firebug accessibility work, both UI and testing accessible web sites, and Silvia Pfeiffer from Australia is getting a MoCo grant for incorporating accessibility features such as closed captioning, subtitling and audio descriptions into our OpenVideo infrastructure. See this post by Frank Hecker for more info.

Other topics?