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Discussion Items

  • Upcoming scheduling of release work. See google calendar "MozTesting".
    • How are people feeling about things?
  • QAE Resource Breakdown (tchung)
    • See spreadsheet
    • Slightly affects your q3 goals, but shouldnt tremendously
  • Device allocation (timr, jmaher)
    • With tegra and fennec becoming a bigger part of product testing, we need folks to actively participate with dogfooding
    • Talk about current devices we have, and future ones we need to order
      • notes
      • Aakashd will setup a chart with in house devices, and a schedule to check out for dogfooding
      • Jmaher will look into new devices coming down the pipe, and get them ordered for the team
      • Figure out how to get some international coverage (krupa, whimboo)

Project Updates

  • Firefox 3.0.13, Firefox 3.5.2 (juanb)
  • Firefox (juanb)
    • 3.5 and 3.6 virtually the same UI. Backend component re-write
    • Still working on test plan for 3.6
    • 3.7 work (Sprints) will be tracked concurrently in separate wiki
  • Tegra mobile (tchung)
    • Test Wiki created (not sure if marcia had one, so i put one out):
    • Open bugs query:
    • Coordinating test efforts with nvidia india team (performance testing, plugin testing). Conference call tomorrow
    • We need a second device. Plans to run mochitests remotely (work with aki, jmaher)
  • Fennec mobile (aakashd, jmaher)
    • Began verifying resolved bugs on WinMo
    • Began flagging bugs that would be good for Litmus (they hadn't been using it at all)
    • Will work Joel to get the smoketest finalized by the end of the week
  • Community outreach (aakashd)
    • Flier is out!
    • Waiting for response from Tara with full designs and webtool for business cards
    • mozQA Community is on LinkedIn
      • Make sure to start discussions about events in the group
    • QMO
      • 57 Bugs Resolved so far
      • 17 Bugs to Resolve to fix all P1/P2 bugs for the quarter
  • Mozmill Testcase automation (henrik)
    • Working on Software Update tests (Minor and Major Updates)
    • Code coverage results not final so we automate BFTs from self prioritized sections
    • Documentation for Mozmill test writing in the works
  • QA Companion for desktop (aaronmt)
    • Update for desktop?
    • Mobile?
  • Project Metrics (murali)
    • See blog
    • Key next steps are:
      • Blocker oriented metrics asked for by shaver, beltzner, and damon.
      • File vital stats related to bugs (regression/crashers/security), check-ins, Manual/Automated coverage, etc
      • Rolling this out publicly and specifically with the project meeting, QA, and targeted Dev teams.
  • Litmus cleanup (tracy)
    • Update?
  • Accessibility update (MarcoZ)
    • Update?

Other topics?